All about me

On one side Ladyfairy, Chiara on the other: two sides of the saim coin!

Ladyfairy, outgoing and sui generis, lives suspended among the wonders of her closet, among dresses and bas - collants, cloches and lace gloves, like a modern Alice in Wonderland; Chiara, shy and reserved, juggles commitments, work and countless dreams, in the real world.

Ladyfairy likes to spend her time talking, hours and hours, with the Mad Hatter (he truly does get about style and antics!); Chiara follows the White Rabbit, obsessed like her by the runniing time.

Ladyfairy jumps cheerfully from a fashion week to another and does shopping all around the world; Chiara studies and strives to keep the promise made to herself to become a journalist and write, one day, for some fashion magazines.

Ladyfairy drinks green tea with some french ladies, Marie Antoinette and her sweet macarons; Chiara has breakfast at Tiffany's, reads Sophie Kinsella at park and watches, over and over again, Sex & The City and all the movies with Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly.

What they have in commun? Ladyfairy shared her closet with Chiara and both, passionate of fashion, vintage style and accessories (with a true obsession for shoes), interact with their lovely friends, talking about style, shopping and art.

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