Karima Bélaichouche of Karima Illustrations

Art & Expression

Hi, guys! The protagonist of this month of Art & Expression is a young canadian artist, very fresh and talented. I've found her few time ago and I immediately fell in love with her amazing artworks. Her name is Karima and it's a real pleasure to me to introduce her to all of you through this little interview she did for Ladyfairy's closet.


New York Fashion Week S/S 2015 pills

Hi, guys! It's just ended the latest New York Fashion Week S/S 2015, the firts I had the chance to watch in person and I have to admit it was such an amazing experience I will rember for the rest of my days... 


Fashion Icon of the month: Miranda Kerr

Hi, guys! The fashion icon of this month is the super model Miranda Kerr, one of the most beautiful women in this planet, a perfect mix of beauty, grace and elegance. Class 1983, Miranda is an australian girl, grown up in the countryside with her grandma who, at age 13 wins a national competition for new faces. since that moment she joins several advertising campaigns and, noticed by several agencies, starts her modeling career.


I love shopping around the world: Tel Aviv

Hi, guys! Our globe brings us, this time, into one of the most beautiful lands of the Near East, placed on the coast of Mediterranean, in the heart of Israel: Tel Aviv, the biggest and most populous metropolitan area of Israel, elected as "World Heritage Site" by Unesco in 2004. A popular israeli saying states that "Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv has fun". And it couldn't be more true, the city is the most lively centre of the whole country, a city alive 24 hours 24, flourishing culture, fun and commerce. Get lost in the narrow streets lined with the houses - Bahuaus style - is an experience that is worth doing at least once in life.

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