Fashion icon of the month: Marilyn Monroe

Even this month, comes back the space dedicated to fashion icons. This month the icon is Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Baker. So much more than a simple style icon, she's a true legend, loved and emulated until today, after 50 years from her death. 

Her myth is not only made by beauty, talent and sex appeal (she was the first cover girl of the famous male magazine "Playboy"), but also fragility, often hidden behind her frizzy and ditzy look, that have enchanted and made dream entire generations. Concurrentely with the release in italian theaters of "My week with Marilyn" by Simon Curtis (masterfully played by the amazing Michelle Williams), I can't not dedicate the title of fashion icon of the month to Marilyn Monroe.

My week with Marilyn by Simon Curtis (2011)
Marilyn Monroe - Playboy cover
As happens for every muse, you can't say to know Marilyn if you don't know her story. After a difficult childhood and many years spent into an orphanage, the young Norma - she had sixteen years old - married Sebbene Dougherty. But, after just 4 years of marriage, they divorced and Norma, behind the suggestion of of the photographer David Conover, started to modeling. After posing for André De Dienes, her pictures are noted by Emmeline Snively, director of Blue Book Modeling Agency, the most important advertising agency in Hollywood, who made her sign a contract that will make her appear on Los Angeles Times. Shortly after, she got an audiction at Fox Studios, getting a film contract of six month. It was the producer Ben Lyon who convinced her to use the surname of her grandmother Monroe and change her name. Since that day, Norma Jeane Baker left place to Marilyn Monroe. 

 After minor roles on movies like All about Eve and The asphalt jungle, she got the main role in movies like Niagara and Gentlemen prefer blondes (unforgettable in her lovely pink dress, singing Diamonds are a girl's best friend...), with a great success of public and critics. But is How to marry a milionaire that consecrates her as interational movie star. She replied the success with The seven year itch, Bus stop and Some like it hot acclaimed by public and critics (do you rember I wanna be loved by you?), that got 6 Oscar  nominations and whitch with she won a Golden globe in 1959.

In 1954 she married the baseball player Joe Di Maggio, but their relationship is difficult from the begining: his jelaousy was not compatible with Marilyn's social life and they divorced a year after. Shortly after the wedding, she won an Henrietta Award for best actress of the world. In 1956, she married the writer Arthur Miller and she founded, with the photographer Milton H. Greene, the Marilyn Monroe Production, but the only movie that it will produce is The prince and the showgirl in 1957. 

Marilyn Monroe and Joe Di Maggio
Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe
Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe
In the same year she recived by the Italian Culture Institute of New York a David di Donatello for the best stranger actress. In that period, rumors said she had a relationship with John F. Kennedy and, while her marriage with Miller is more and more cracked, she began to depend on drugs and has been admitted several times at Payne Withney Psychiatric Center Clinic. In later years she attracted the attention of paparazzi for the close association with the Kennedy family: first her alleged relationship with John, after with Robert. The later years have been made of delays on the set, problems in rembering her lines and dependence on drugs. 

August 5 a1962, Marilyn was found dead in her LA house because of an overdose of barbiturates. She was 36 years old. Many hypotheeses have been formulated about her death: the official version says it was a suicide.
A full life if brief, made by success, love, but also insecurity and sadness that charcaterized her last years. A true sex symbol of her period, Marilyn also is an icon of pop culture (famous is the Andy Warhol's paint inspired by her face) and, still today, one of the most loved, emulated and coolest Hollywood stars. 

 Fascinating and elegant, sexy and never vulgar she's a true style icon. Fashion lover, she liked the italian style (her favourite fashion designer is Salvatore Ferragamo) and, despite her lush look, in her private life she loved to wear simply, with a basic and glam style. 

So, now, that's fashion in Marilyn style:

- Colors: beige, white, red and black were her favourite colors;

- Neckline: in an era that focused the attention on the neckline, Marilyn was an expert in this field with her V-neck dresses;

- Waist: as a true 50's diva, she worn amazing dresses, stopped at the waist, often emphatized with a belt;

- Polka dot: she loved that print and she worn in movies like Niagara;

- Open peep-toe: versatile and practical, she worn them both with a casual outfit and with more elegant ones;

- Jewels: despite what her character Lorelei said "Diamods are a girl's best friend", she didn't like too much to wear jewels. I wonder what Lorelei would say about it...

- Make up: nude colors, mascara, a bit of eye liner and red lips;

- Fragrance: "What I do wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course!"

We'll always miss her: unique and inimitable, she represents one of those characters with an timeless legend, celebrated by the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum with an exhibition completely dedicate to her. We can't do nothing that pay tribute to her and say... Bye bye Marilyn!

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  1. Loooved the pictures and just love Marylin Monroe! A true style icon!

    x0x0 Dina from http://spikesandstuds.blogspot.se/

  2. I adore her. Thank you so much for having shared this with us, I enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures.


  3. Wow! Amazing post! I love her, is one of my favourites actreses! Marilyn forever!!
    I did this in her memory: http://scissors-queen.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/divas-de-la-historia-iv.html

  4. i love her to death , i can't resist about her , great article my friend ,


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