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Art & Expression: Delilah Duon

Hi, guys! After a summer break of few months, it's back the little space dedicated to the wonderful world of art and all its expressions. This time I'd like to introduce to you an amazing talented artist I recently discovered by chance. Her name is Delilah Duong, the artist behind Dancing in my Awkward Arms and it's a real pleasure to me to present the little "interview" she has issued for Ladyfairy's closet.

Tell me about you. A short description of your life story.
Well I'm Delilah. I'm ninteen. I was born in a normal family in Vietnam so, looking back at my young years, I was forced to study instead of drawing (could only blame society), though my grades was always lowest in class. After I graduated, I apllied for Graphic Design at the university, so I could slowly back to drawing.

When your passion for art is born?
Since forever! When I was a little girl I drew all the time... on paper, even walls! But I've just back to drawing since like a year and I created my blog about 3 months ago.

On what are you working right now? Future projects?
Currently I'm working on my portfolio, hoping  that next year I can go to Germany to study Communication Design.

From what do you get your inspiration?
Everytime I see something beautiful I get the feeling I must do something.

What art is for you? And what is your relationship with it? (Note one or more artists who inspire you)
To me art is everything, a combine of beautiful and sad. It's funny and strange because I can only draw when I get a little blue. I'm a fan of Alexander McQueen. I also have a passion for fine art, my favourite artists are Vincent Van Gogh (kinda obsessed with him), Gustav Klimt, Ivan Aivazovsky, Claude Monet, Pierre - Auguste Renoir and Alphonse Mucha. For photography I'm loving Ryan McGinely.

What is the subject/object constantly painted in your works and why?
Skinny girls with long arms and legs and tired eyes, I'm a model fan. On my illustration I usually put a flower on their faces but in my original works I don't, I want to express the bright colors as well as my blue feeling.

How would you describe your own artistic style?
A bit girly and colorful... I don't know, I've just started to find my way back, but I think I have been under the influence of japanese manga so much.

What, in your opinion, distinguishes you from other artists?
My attitude and how I'm always whining (it's bad, isn't it?), but I get sad easily and I probably hate everything anytime.

Your first work?
Honestly, I can't remember but I have marked the time that I dediced I had to drew again was when I drew a pair of Dolce & Gabbana earrings.

Which of your works you like the most?
The girl with peony face and fishes tatoo

How do you get your concentration? 
Sometime I listen to music, but I can't do it too much, I got headache easily. Usually I just take a look at my inspiration photos folder and then I draw.

There's a particular city in which you'd like to expose your works?  And in which gallery or museum?
Paris, of course! But I haven't thought about it yet.

A positive and a negative side of yourjob.
The things they say about your inspirations come and go. I have a friend I admire so much because he can draw whatever he wants. If he's not eating or sleeping, he's drawing (plus he is so kind to me). I felt sofrustrated everytime I wanted to draw, but feeling ugly and I can't imagine of anything.

My blog is basically focused on fashion. What fashion means to you?  And how would you combine art and fashion?
To me fashion is art, and art supposed to make you feel something. I guess I wanted to everybody feel what I feel when they read my blog.

If someone proposes to you to work for a fashion house, for what brand or designer would you like to work with? And why?
Alexander Wang, I love him so much. The truth is that I like girly and quirky style like Valentino or Oscar De La Renta, but two years ago when I was watching TV I turned to a local channel and they were showing a documentary about Alexander Wang. I don't rember exactly, it was about a collection in which Natalia Vodianova brought her son to... After the show he went to Times Square with his crew and, I dont know... I just feel like I want to work with him so much.

What mean of communication do you prefer to share your creativity and your works?
I do like share my works with everybody, but I don't like to work with everybody. I always prefer to working by me and mysefl only.

The most funny thing that is happened to you as artist.
I draw clothes from fashion collections all the time, but the funny thing is some people actually thought I designed them, even though I credited every single one.

What do you suggest to those who want to pursue the career of illustrator?
Keep drawing. Sound silly, right? But I used to be a person looking at other artists's works and whining why I can't or why they're so good... The point is: even if your drawings are useless eyes, noses or penises, you should still draw them. Don't just sit there whining about people are so good. You're good too, you're worth it, you just don't know it yet but you can do it, absolutely. Just keep drawing, one picture a day, and looking back three months or six or even a year ago, you'll say "My God, I've improved so much!".

A quote or a motto that defines you.
"Work until your idols become your rivals"

A greeting to readers of Art & Expression.
Thank you spend time reading, I love you.

I hope liked her works as much I did, I think she's very talented and I wish her all the best. If you like her and want to discover more about, you can find her on Dancing in my Awkward Arms or on Facebook.

I see you next time, always with Art & Expressions, always on Ladyfairy's closet
Love, Ladyfairy

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