Tokyo Fashion Week 2012

Is also ended few days ago the Japanese fashion week, held from 19 and 24 march 2012. As happened for New York, London and Paris, I was pretty satisficed by presented collections , even if, to be honest, I didn’t find in them innovative ideas. All of them, in different ways, are full Japan style. But you know what they say, never change a winning team, so I also promote Tokyo Fashion Week.

Among the collection that were presented, these are, in my opinion, the best ones:

Alice Auaa f/w 2012
 A collection that remember a fashion gothic tale with dark tones. Among oversize volumes and shapes that wrap the body, it bring to life an atmosphere between dream and nightmare.

Araisara f/w 2012
Feminine and a bit graceful style and asymetric shapes that brand proposes for season f/w 2012.

Atsushi Nakashima f/w 2012
For f/w Atsushi Nakashima proposes a woman with two souls: one serious and strong, with an androgynous style; the second more feminine, that loves to wear soft dresses with a particular touch, to be always unique.

Everlasting Sprout f/w 2012
A lovely collection, Kawaii style. For the next seson the brand proposes an explosion of colors and girly prints on dresses, stockings, shoes and accesoories.

Hiroko Kioshino f/w 2012
The fashion show of this collection is a true escalation of colors. It goes from black to bright colors like lyellow, cobalt blue and red. For a woman who knows what she is but who doen't take herself too seriously.

Kamishima Chinami f/w 2012
Simple shapes that wrap the body and a pallet of colors that goes from white to black, from orange to dark green: that's the highlights of this collection.

Modeacote f/w 2012
The woman proposed by the brand shows a urban chic style that reflects the soul of Japan: colored and lively.

Motonari Ono f/w 2012
Basic shapes and soft colors are mixed with floral prints, ruffle skirt and lace inserts. For a simple and refined elegance.

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  1. Thank u for your comment on myblog! I'm already folowing you.

  2. great round up of all the fashion!
    thanks for stopping by my blog - come back soon! following you!
    xo annette

  3. Japanese fashion week is so different and the designers are always so original and interesting !
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  4. Tokyo Fashion Week is so cool. I love Asian Style, and I would like to go to Tokyo. Heheheehehehe.

  5. Ciao:) Grazie per il messaggio! Ora mi sono iscritto al tuo blog...non vedo te tra i miei followers però,ti aspetto ;) Interessantissimo questo post, è bello vedere le sfilate da luoghi così lontani! Paolo


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