Rain of stars on world of fashion design

What Justin Timberlake, Bar Rafaeli and Candice Swanepoel have in common? Are all rich and famous? Yes, but non only. All three have just arrived in the world of fashion design.

After music and cinema, Justin Timberlake ventured on the launch of a line for house, available starting from may, in collaboration with Estee Stanley: the HomeMint collection. The collection includes a series of tableclothes, pillows, wallpaper and prints.

As other celebs before him, as Kate Bosworth (JewelMint), or Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (StyleMint) or also Rachel Bilson (ShoeMint), even Justin Timberlake joined the brand of Mint group, using the collaboration with a professional designer as Stanley.
"Is a true collaboration", said Timberlake to Elle Décor, "I don't think I could do that without Estee. We know each other for a long time and we worked together in my home" and about his style he said: "I like modern architecture, very essential". 

The israeli top model Bar Rafaeli, signed and designed an underwear collection with a very proposing name: Under.me, on sale starting from february 14th on line. A collection for her and for him, comfortable and without frills, with essential lines and clean style just Bar's style.

 About the collection she said on the web site: "I feel I look my best when I'm comfortable. Especially when it comes to underwear. My underwear is the clothing article closest to my body, and as such, I want it to complement it and not steal the show. There is nothing better than simple, comfortable, quality clothing. My works means I'm travelling all the time, rushing from city to city and wearing the most incredible, elaborate designs. I love it, but on my downtime I just want to relax and be myself. I don't want my clothes to define me. And that's the idea behind under.me -  a focused collection of beautifully -  made basics that look good and feel amazing. That's all I need. Because underneath my clothes lies the real me. Nothing else". Here the video of the campaign, when you can see Bar Rafaeli as a sexy tennis player.

Last but not least, another beauty directly from catwalks. The angel of Victoria's Secret, the south african model Candice Swanepoel, is working on a swimwear collection.

 In this moment, the project is still "in pipeline", she said, it's inspired by Brazil "There's a couple of ideas that I like... there's so much you can do with swimwear". All we have to do is wait and see if this project will be successful. It looks like this angel has learned to fly...

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  1. Justin is genius for me... I love interior design and decorating so I have to check his collection. And Bar is so beautiful woman!!! I love her :o)... Xoxo V.V.

  2. ah non sapevo che Candice stesse facendo una collezione di costumi!:) bel post cara, un bacione!

  3. Hi dear:)Nice blog!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I follow yoy now.
    xx Ilka

  4. Lovely blog I'm now following you. X


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