Prada "Le Voyageur" 2012

Everyone knows that the approach of summer and warm, make you want to vacation. Even designers dream to leave for a while but, unlike us ordinary people, they turn this dream into something more concrete than a dream. That's what had to happened to Miuccia Prada who, for the next season, launched "Le Voyageur", a capsule collection composed by dresses and accessories, dedicated to all fashionistas who are preparing to leave for vacation. 

Prada "Le Voyageur" 2012

A collection of popeline dresses, stretch cotton, canvas wedge sandals, fancy scarves and raffia handbags. Ironic and eccentric is tinged by bright colors, vintage references, and prints that seem to come from different parts of the world, as a red thread that ties together different trips. 
There also are a lot of folk - geometric patterns (the latest passion of Miuccia) and postcard prints inspired by cities like Milan, Venice, Paris and London.

Prada "Le Voyageur" 2012

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  1. Love this collection! That yellow clutch is amazing!


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  4. I don't really like the collection, there are too much prints for me.



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