New in my closet part I

Yesterday I was really down in the dumps: the workload that's waiting for me is bigger than I expected so, I have to work at least until at end of July before I can take a vacation! As if it were not enough, is coming in a scorching heat in the city and the idea of being locked in a little room all day is not attractive at all. Among other things, with summer and heat people move to seaside and the city is competely desert... After news like these I was really down, so I took advantage of my free afternoon and I was comforted with some shopping! Lately I've been really good: I have limitated my purchases, buying only was really necessary.  And now, I decided to give something to lift my spirit... It was not a shopping spree session, but I have to admit that I missed going to shops, trying new clothes and coming home with a few more shopping bags... Here's a part of what I bought:

Zara pants 49.99 euro
Tally Weijl pants 17.95 euro
OVS t-shirt 14.99 euro - H/M skirt 24.95 euro
H/M blouse 4.95 euro
H/M Concious Collection dress 29.99 euro

What do you think?

2 commenti:

  1. Love the pink H&M dress :)

  2. I adore that H&M dress!! Too bad I don't have a store near me :/


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