How to choose the right swimsuit

Summer is coming and the desire of vacation, of sun and sea is more and more stronger. The proposes of fashion may help, yes, but before show us in public, is necessary to prepare to swimsuit proof and choose the right type for our body. If you have given up to lunch of cereals, to yogurt that contain only 1% of fat, if you have eaten carbohydrates after four o' clock in he afternoon or if you enrolled in the gym but you went there only 3 times, meditate on your mistakes, take a breath, move on and buy a new swimsuit!

The fashion trends of the season are ample. From bikini to one-piece, there's for every taste. Vintage 50's swimsuits with wide necklines and shapes that emphasize the silhouette. For your nights of glamour on the beach you can opt for tones of gold and silver, to shine at sunset light. 
As for shapes, there also is for colors an ample choice. They range from pastels (a true must - have of season) to more bright colors like fuchsia, cobalt blue or coral. Last but not least, prints: animal, tropical, geometric and tribal... The fabrics are technical and preformed and parade next to crochet inserts and romantic details like ruffles.  No matter what is your choice, you'll find whatever you're looking for.

But, you know, every year found the right swimsuit it's not the most simple of problems...it's important to always follow your taste but you have to choose also, and above all, based on the morphology of your body. So, that's for you a little list of tips to "guide" you to choice of the best swimsuit for you.
Firts step, you have to figure out what's the type of your body: not every everyone, in fact, can wear the same typology of swimsuit. So, check it out and see what is your type.

This is the most harmonious of silhouettes: chest and hips have the same circumference, the waist is thin and well defined. With this body, you can wear every type of swimsuit. Be careful to one-pieces: if they don't have the right cut they may not enhance your curves.
  • Bikini: bra and low ries briefs. The first supports and anhances your breast, the seconds highlight the wasp waist.
  • One-piece: opt for 50's vintage swimsuits. The will mark the waist and emphasize the curves. No to sporty swmsuit, 'cause they make no justice to sinuosity of your curves.

 Chest, waist and hips have the same circumference. In this case, it's important to disguise the absence of a well defined waist emphasizing breast and hips.
  • Bikini: this is the best choice, the triangle bra enhances your breast. You can wear both slips and coulottes. If your seat is flat, instead, it's better to wear the coulottes 'cause it enhances the roundness. Avoid sporty and preformed swimuit: they emphasize the edginess of your body.

 The circumference of chest is less than hips. To rebelance the slhouette it's important to focus the attention to the upper part of the body.
  • Bikini: the best option is ruffle bras that emphasize the volume of brest. To hide the hips, choose simple shapes and dark colors. 
  • One-piece: the purpose is always the same: hide the hips. So, opt for two-color swimsuit: bright color for the upper part of body and dark ones for hips area. No to shorts, coulottes and low rise briefs.

 The circumference of chest is bigger than waist and hips. 
  • Bikini: go with thong, and low rise briefs. For the bra, choose simple models that form a V-neck. In this way, the shoulders will be less wide. 
  • One-piece: also in this case, choose a simple model that form a V-neck and bet on unusual shapes, strapless or with straps that close behind the neck, to focus attention on the body and not on shoulders. Try to avoid tout court swimsuits, the important is not emphasize the shoulders.

 The waist is bigger than chest and hips. The main thing is slim and slender the abdomen.
  • Bikini: if you don't want to give up to bikini, choose one with high-waist pants and restraining bra.
  • One-piece: for women a little more meat, the best choice is one-piece that hides belly and hilighlights the breast, trough preformed cups. No to bandeau and triangle bikini and olympic swimsuit. The breast is your strentght, don't hide it!

Whatever is your body type, whatever is your style do not forget your sunscreen, the risk  of wrinkles is always around the courner! And just rember: expose yourself to sun responsibly!

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