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As blogger, you know, I'm always looking for new and interesting websites for online shopping that, since few years, has a big hit almost everywhere.
Today, I want to talk to you about a really interesting and helpful site that I recently discovered: I'm talking about eSaldi.it, a social shopping site that allows to find advantageous and particular offers, comparing all those present in this one and other sites... You can really find whatever you're looking for, from clothing to make up, with discounts up to 80%!


Being a huge shopping lover, a section that I found particularly inviting and convenient is the section dedicated to Discount codes (that you can find here): you don't need to register, all you have to do is digit the code and... voilà! Discount provided! You can use many other discounts and facilities like, for example, the free shipping! You can also choose the payment way the you prefer: credit cards, PayPal or delivery. I think it's great, right? Furthermore, if you're not satisfied of your purchases, you have the right to return them in 10 days, since you receive them.  Is great, isn't it?

eSaldi.it - discount codes section

Another interesting section is the one dedicated to CityDeal, very innovative web portals that offer, every day, the best deals for the best things to do, for example best restaurants or shops, in Italy. But this phenomenon is so huge that there are so many portals that deal these promotions that it's difficult to find the best deal in your own city, considering the fact that the period in which you can stick to a particular offer may last a week or a single day and can happen, then, to lose an important offer. But thanks to eSaldi.it, now, you can quickly view all the CityDeals present, divided into membership categories, and choose the best one, quickly and safely. For those who don't understand yet, the CityDeals are a group of offers that work as a quorum: more people are interested in the product, more the price drops. At the end of time, if the quorum is reached, the offer is valid and the partecipants can buy the item with discounts that go from 50 to 90%. If, instead, the quorum is not reached , the offer expires. For more information, click here.

eSaldi.it - CityDeal section

Least but not last, the section dedicated to private sales, true online outlets that the biggest brands (but not only them) use to sell the products in overproduction, discounted even up to 80%. Who would be able to resist? If you are interested click here.

eSaldi.it - private sales section

What I really appreciated of this site is the fact that you have the chance to share your shopping experiences with other buyers. eSaldi.it, in fact, offers to buyers the opportunity to evaluate  the sites from which they purchased and send their reviews. The site becomes, in this way, a point of references for who, before buy on an e-shop, wants to know what thinks who already did it. 

Personally  I think that this is a great resource, really helpful and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did. Let me know what you think about. I can only suggest you to visit the site and see for yourself. Have a great shopping with eSaldi.it!

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  1. Sito davvero utile!

    Vieni a scoprire sul mio blog qualcosa di nuovo sul fronte ballet-flats!
    Kiss Kiss


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