I love shopping around the world: Copenhagen

This month, for the heading "I love shopping around the world", I'll talk to you about shopping in Copenhagen, the amazing capital of Denmark, a city with a double soul: classic and innovative, multiethnic and functional that I visited few years ago. 

As well as a beautiful city, Copenaghen is also a true paradise for shopping. What makes shopping particullalrly attractive here is the fact that it can be done by walkinhg, without the hassle of traffic. Whaterever you're looking for, from porcellains to biggest brands, you'll find it there. As every city, even Copenaghen has its street for shopping. The first one is Stroget, the biggest pedestrian and shopping city.

It's also one of the most important tourist attractionsbecause of the abundance of souvenir shops and amazing views. In this street you will find everything, from low cost to biggest fashion brands.
If you're looking for is a low cost shopping, I suggest you to go to Vila (Vimmelskaftet, 43), where you'll find the last trends of the european fashion; Vero Moda (Norrebrogade, 25), the famous denmark low cost brand sponsored by Alexa Chung in which you can find the jeans ONLY; Taxi (Frederiksberggade, 25), a store where you can find everything: from underwear to t-shirts; I love CPH (Ostergade, 11), you'll find here the coolest stuffs of the city; H&M (Kobmagergade, 60); New Yorker (Frederiksberggade, 16); Zara (Vimmelskaftet, 28), the spanish low cost brand. Moving estward you'll find more luxorious flag stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Max Mara and stores like Birger Christensen (Ostergade, 38), here you'll find luxorious clothing for him and her of the biggest brands like Chanel, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent; Bruuns Bazar (Kronprinsensgade, 8), in this store there are clothes in full scandinavian style; Day Brirger Mikkelsen (Pilestraede, 16), it sells denmark brands and classic and elegant dresses with an hippy touch; Filippa K (Ny Ostergade, 13), a store that sells clothes for day and for cerimony; Henrik Vibskon (Krystalgade, 6), a famous artist that produces clothes with funny prints and sells big denmark brands like Commes des Garçons and Walter van Beirendock; Pop CPH (Silkegade, 13), by Mikkel Kristensen and Kaspar Henriksen who sell nightwear and printed t-shirts; Rutzou (Store Regnegade, 3), by Susanne Rotzou, one of the most important names of the denmark fashion with a extravagant and ladylike, typically of Copenaghen; Storm (Store Regnegade, 1), that proposes denmark and international brands like Visvine, Anne Demeulemeester and other stuffs like CDs and fashion magazines; Illum, a store not exactly economic but very interesting; Hoff, that proposes the best of denmark jewelery.

Vero Moda


In Nyhavn - Kastellet district, interesting areas are Bredegade, with its auction houses, art and antiques shops. Store Knogensgades, with sveral restaurants, indipendent stores; Store Strandsraede and Lille Strandstraede, full of boutiques. Here, I suggest you to visit Susanne Juul (Store Kongensgades, 14), the best hats designer in the city. The prices go from 275 kr and 500 kr.
Norrebro and Osterbro are other two great resources for shopping. The first, funny, fashion, lively and multiethnic; the second, full of stores and restaurants good enough. If you are around here, visit Frederiksen, by Lisa Frederiksen: a totally feminine lovely boutique; Frogeye (Blgrdsgade, 2A), one of the best shoe stores in the city, with an unmissable stock of Camper shoes! Velour (Elmegade, 21), a store that sells preppy style, typically denmark  with little ties and pastel pants; Resterods (Elmegade, 21), here you'll find the coolest denmark style with "street smart" t-shirts and plaid shirts, very extravagant!
If what you want is some of vintage shopping, you can't not to visit FN92 Vintage (Larsbjornssstraede, 6), where you'll find almost everything: from clothes to shoes, to furnitures; Fisk (Kattegatvej, 57), a charity store that sells fair trade and organic products: the clothes that you can find there have been modified by local designers. They also have a own clothing line called "Fiks".

Susanne Juul

FN92 Vintage

In Norreport - Osterport, visit Frk. Lille, a luxurious store of second hand clothes of the biggest brands like Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs, discounted at 50% and never older than two season; Kendt, the designer enchants all fashion lovers with his soft and casual dresses. The prices are not exactly economic but we're talking about unique pieces.
Don't forget the shopping centers. One of biggest is Field's, near to the railway station of Dybbolsbro; then there's Fisketorvet and Fredriksberg. In these shopping center you'll find the biggest low cost brands as H/M and Zara.

As always I hope to have been helpful. See you next month with I love shopping in Tokyo!

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  1. ma che città meravigliosa deve essere!!:*

  2. I love the top image, Copenhagen looks beautiful, it is definitely on my list of places to visit.


  3. how cool! I would so love to shop there!!

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  7. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:


  8. Scandinavian fashion is so edgy, I really like it. I should visit Copenhagen.


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