The advent of e-commers have been for the fashion world, in particular for designers and customers, a real blessing. Among these sites one that you can not absolutely miss is, for sure, Youngrepublic. Honestly, I have to say I had never heard of it before so, when I've been contacted by one of the founder of youngrepublic, I was impressed in discover the huge potential that this site can offer. Founded by the duo Marianne Sea and Andrew Yang, Sydney - based, youngrepublic.com is a marketplace dedicated to fashion but not only.


The site is well structured and so easy to navigate: it presents a plethora of unique and eclectic womeswear, menswear  and kidswear with a large section dedicated to accessories, underwear, jewerly and home+life. Every section has some subcategories that facilitates the navigation, making more easy the search of the products. In the shop section, for example, you can start the search of products by new arrivals,  by designers, by categories and by collections.

With a function similar to Etsy, Asos and Urban Outfitters youngrepblic is a space in which talented indipendent designers and emerging artists can promot their creations, selling them direct to their customers through online transitions without joining, listing or upfront fees. The site offers them, therefore, free interactions with customers, managment of the comunity and other marketing tools to help them to grow their brands. 

Born with the  goal to bring indie fashion to masses, it has been launched online recently but it already counts more than 500 australian designers and other international 100 (who came from all around the world), who wants to make a mark in the fashion world. Among them we can quote VaVa, Chiyo, Paolo Coppolella and Pritee Penee.

As well as a great and efficient e-shop, it also is a precious tool to foretell next trends. Another point in favore to this site that I particullarly like is the chance to contact the designers in direct line. Therefore, considering the fact that there's not any exclusive selection process, the designers can apply to sell themselves rather than waiting to be picked up by an agency or an eagle - eyed buyer.

Fashion lovers have now the chance to shopping on the street of Sydney, Tokyo, Paris, New York and London, without leaving their home, buying unique pieces that they couldn't find in the local stores.
Among great designers that you can find, some of my favourites are: Kendelle, Lauren Luna and La Lilouche.

If you love shopping as much as I do, visit youngrepublic.com and tell me what you think. You also can find it on facebook, twitter, google+ and pinterest.Youngrepblic.com: see it, shop it, love it!

With love, Ladyfairy

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  1. This looks nice ! Thanks for sharing !

    XX Luba
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  3. great review of the website, from your description it sounds like a winning combination of fashion and shopping, I am off to check it out

  4. Sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing
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  5. I really like Young Republic! Have a nice week dear!

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  7. great sites!



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