Fashion icon of the month: Solange Knowles

Afro curls, big smile and statuesque body: she seems to come out of a 70's movie (she may be a perfect Charlie's Angel) but she is a modern trendsetter, appreciated by the biggest brands and fashion magazines. I'm talking about Solange Knowles, younger sister of the more famous Beyoncé, that I chose as fashion icon of november.

United by the common love for music, Solange and Beyoncé are so different from each other! After playing the role of dancer (I'm asking why, when it's pretty cleare that she can't dance!) in her sister's group, she debuted, with poor results, as a solo singer in 2003. She has assests just two albums, "Solo Star" and "Sol - Angel and the Hadley St. Dream" (I'd say that they're tto many!), the last of which has been released in 2008. Now she tries again with the singol "Losing You", that has been released in vintage vinyl version the last november 6th (did we really need it?!). The music video, filmed in Cape Town by Melina Matsoukase, although doesn't enhances her supposed skills of dancer, is able to document very well the glamour side of the african subculture called Le Sapeurs

Obviously not satisfied by a little rewarding musical career, in which she's forced to live in her sister's shadow, she has been illuminated by the brilliant idea to take different paths: she has been a model, an actress (often reciting as herself) and recently she's dedicated to the console, working as Dj for super glamour events.

Two sisters, totally different from each other. But, more than her solo albums and declarations of indipendence, is her look to sign the difference between them. If, in fact, Beyoncé is undoubtedly the most talented at singing, Solange has penetrated tiptoed into the fashion system, becoming increasingly more and more recognized as a style icon by the most respected names of fashion scene. Tom Ford and Alberta Ferretti, just to quote some of them, wanted her as model for their collections (the first in september 11 for her womenswear collection, the second for the presentation of her Special Collection the last january). And it's not a surprise that Madewell chose her as testimonial for its F/W 2012-13 campaign.

Alberta Ferretti Special Collection 2012-13
I think she's a true fashionista. If I had give her a vote, it would be 9. I like her because she has a great sense of fashion, she has personality and a funky, youthful, classy, chic and sometimes higly sophisticated style that allowed her to create her own indipendence and get rid by the label of "sister of...". Colorful and fun, her own style is just like her head: free and lively!

Highlights of her style are:
  • mix and match: she likes colors and prints and she loves to combine them without the fear of look too flashy;
  • ethnic patterns: they're perfect if combined with her mood of young african american girl;
  • yellow: a real fetish that she wears in almost her every outfits as a distingtive signature of her personality.

Here a slideshow of her best looks.

What do you think about?

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  1. Ogni volta rimango affascinata dai suoi capelli:) Ma sai che ho scoperto di recente fosse la sorella di Beyoncé, davvero diverse!:) Un bacio cara!:*

  2. I'm not really familiar with her musical career. But I love Solange's style!

  3. Nice post!!! :)




  5. great post dear..love her <3


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