Laetitia Casta for H&M Christmas Lingerie Collection 2012

The swedish colossus of low cost clothing H&M is an habitué of illustrious collaboration for great capsule collection. The last one, in order of time, is AdR for H&M, the one signed by the fashion icon Anna dello Russo that, unfortunately, didn't find the success hypothesized. In a certain way it reminds me the collection signed by Donatella Versace for H&M.

An eccentric collection, maybe too much. In spite I love Anna dello Russo as character, I think her collection was a bit tacky and exaggerated. That's true, in time of crisis everyone's got the gold fever  but even a shower, Anna! Do you remember the music video of "Fashion Shower", chosen as advertsing campaign? If you don't, take a look here. If you do, well you don't need me to say more. 

After this unexpected flop, the brand looks to the future with the collection signed by Maison Martin Margela (of which I talked about here), that will be released the November 15, and prepares to the launch of a new and elegant lingerie Christmas collection. To do this, it relies to a guest testimonial, a name appreciated by the entire fashion system: the french top model, actress and style icon Laetita Casta.

Classy and sophisticated she's the perfect face for this collection characterized by pieces that enhance the female body making it even more sexy, and dedicated to confident women who are not afraid do dare with underwear in a sensual game of laces, sequins and zips. 

Here the pics of the advertising campaign

What do you think about?

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  1. le foto della collezione intimo sono bellissime!

  2. She is the perfect model for this campaign, she looks stunning and the pieces look very sexy!

  3. ahah il video di ADR mi fa morire!!^^ il mio pezzo preferito è la clutch oro/turches che ha in mano:) bella anche la campagna con Laetita Casta! Un bacio cara e buon lunedì!:*

  4. Nice !

    XX Luba


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  5. Il video di Anna dello Russo è molto divertente! Bella anche la campagna con la Casta!


  6. I didn't like Anna Dello Russo's collection neither.

  7. I was a big fan of H&M but I have to say that I haven´t bought anything there this year. I don´t find any single thing I like. What a pity!

  8. adr è cosi'....o la ami o la odi...senza vie di mezzo!!!!
    io la lovvo!!!!
    la castà..meravigliosa creatura!

  9. H&M just keeps on giving better and better surprises :-) love them :-) XOXO

    PS let us know if you would like to follow each other XOXO

  10. This is so so beautiful, my dear :)

    Absolutely great pictures. Love it.

    Lots of love,



  11. amazing! thanks for sharing it!!


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