Neo victorian style

In spite of the austerity and the period of crisis, this season seems to be dedicated to regal women. They are urban princesses who face everyday life with style and elegance, looking for luxory on clothes and eccessories, eager to tenderness and romance. That's how a new trend is imposed on the fashion scene. I'm talking about Neo-Victorian style, one of the most classy and sophisticated trend proposed for f/w 2012-13

"Neo-Victorian" - Vogue Netherlands (November 2012)

A lot of brands have been conquered by this style in past seasons, among them Chanel, Anna Sui, Zac Posen and  Vivienne Westwood in their f/w 2009-10 or even  collections.

Chanel, Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood f/w 2009-10
Zac Posen f/w 2009-10, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci f/w 2011-12

This year neo-victorian style sees a new light thanks to tv shows like Downtown Abbey and they are brought into vogue by brands like Stella McCartney, Aquilano Rimondi, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Oscar de la Renta, just to list a few.

Oscar de la Renta, Aquilano Rimondi, Dolce & Gabbana f/w 2012-13
Gucci, Valentino, Stella McCartney f/w 2012-13

As modern Jane Austen we say yes to laces and embroidery, tartan patterns and bows, velvet and ruffles that frame the neck, crystal decorations and accessories made with stones and rhinestones that look like crowns, showing off opulence and refinement. I like this style so much, it's so retro and modern at the same time, so refined but also so easy to wear. Here some examples of how I like to wear neo-victorian style:

This will aways be my safe place... - Miu Miu's polyvore
Neo-Victorian style - Miu Miu's polyvore

I admitt that a total look might seem a little exagerate, but if it's matched in the right way the final effect is super cool. My fashion tip?  If you like this look you can wear it in the way of Yulia Tymoshenko, ex Prime Minister of Ukraine and perfect icon of neo-victorian style, or  if  you want to try something different you can  take inspiration by the look worn by Victoria Beckham matching a long pencil skirt with a shirt and a large tie. 

If you like this style, here some low cost options proposed by brands like Zara, Mango and Oasap

What do you think about?

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  1. Me encanta el post¡¡¡

  2. amazing blog and style. maybe we can follow each other?


  3. Adoro questo stile! i tuoi sets sono bellissimi! un bacio e buona giornata cara!

  4. very inspiring blacks! adore!

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    P.P.S.your blog is lovely! following you now

  5. i love this tv series and valentino's style.

  6. voto numero 16!
    bellissimo questo stile.....pero' bisognerebbe avere una silouette impeccabile!

  7. hi! i read your comment at cocorosa's blog! i realy like her style, and i tought, when you like her too, then i must like you too! hihi strange thinking..hihi,
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  8. Bellissimo stile!!! Adoro cosi' femminile ed elegante!!!

  9. molto molto bello il tuo blog! ti seguo volentieri ! spero ricambierai!baci

  10. adoro questo stile!!!!!tra i low coast amo Mango ^_^

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  12. love victorian!Would you like to follow each other on gfc ? It would be great!
    Kisses from Norway !

  13. I think you can go all out as long as you keep certain things to a minimum, like poofy sleeves. I love the Victorian style! The only problem is it tends to be expensive.


  14. Beautiful post, I love it!

  15. love victorian! victoria beckham's rendition of this trend is classy & chic. love it.


  16. Great article! Take a look at the latest Chanel collection, you will love the pieces!


  17. Cool looks!


  18. So inspiring post! Love it.
    xx Ilka


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