I love shopping around the world: Stockholm

Continues our journey into the coolest destinations of shopping all around the world. This month the city I chose is located in the deep north of Europe... Placed in the heart of Scandinavia, capital of Sweden, Stockholm is, with no doubt, one of most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the whole world. Famous for its natural beauties, its architecture and its commitment in the technology and innovation, for some time it's also the newest cutting edge of fashion system and amazing destination for all shopping lovers. 

The best thing about shopping in Stockholm is that you can go almost everywhere just walking. Always new stores appear in every corner and every district has its own identity. In the city there are three main districts dedicated to shopping: the young City, the exclusive and elegant Ostermalm and the bohemiam Sodermalm to which are added other cool destinations.

We start our journey from Ostermalm, the most exclusive district in Stockholm. Here you will find the most prestigious international brands and the most luxurious proposes of scandinavian design, fashion and interior decoration. Shopping in Ostermalm begins with its most glamorous boutiques like Armani and Filippa K. The flagship store of Urban Outfitters is located inside the old cinema Roda Kvarn. Going inside Birger Jarlsgatan, one of the biggest streets of shopping, you will find the flagship stores of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Orrefors/Kosta Boda, Georg Jensen and Hugo Boss. If you are there you can't not to check Nathalie Schuterman (Birger Jarlsgatan, 5), a flagship store with the latest proposes of Prada, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and Lanvin, among the others; and Maruschka de Margot (Birger Jarlsgatan, 7), a boutique that sell haute couture of biggest brands like John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Sonia Rykiel. 

Nathalie Schuterman
Maruschka de Margot

In Sodermalm you will find many stores in which you can buy modern and original clothes, objects of design and vintage accessories. Usually the proposes of Sodermalm are coolest, younger and bohemian than the City's ones. Here I suggest you to visit stores like Tjallamalla (Bondegatan, 46), here you will find amazing vintage clothes, shoes, accessories and jewels. It also offers many trendy swedish brands, the choice ranges from the most famous to the most extreme designers; Sivletto (Malmgardsvagen, 16-18), an eccentric and inimitable store where you can buy clothes, fornitures, music magazines and objects, everything in 50's style! Grandpa (Sodermannagatan, 21), an amazing and personal mix of clothes, shoes, accessories, jewels, vintage pieces sometimes entertained by Djs and live music.


In Sodermalm a great destination also is SoFo where there are some interesting, trendy and creative stores that offers cool fashion, design, jewels and other curiosities, vintage and second-hand pieces, modern art, books, magazines, music and more. This district also hosts several contemporary designers, restaurants, bars and galleries. I like it because you can breath a cool retro atmosphere interpreted in a modern way...


City is the younger district in Stockholm. Here you can devote to shopping with the most convenient, young and trendy proposes. Go through Drottninggatan and the areas of Sergels Torg and Kungstradgarden, the biggest clothing lines they compete the space with the big malls, like the gallery Feet Firts and the department stores in the center of Stockholm. 
Here I suggest you to not miss Ahlens City, this is the biggest department store in the city. Near here you can find stores like H&M and Awesome Rags and +46 with the 13 coolest swedish brands; Weekday (Gotgatan, 21), concept shop of the famous brand Cheap Monday, where you will also find the most important swedish fashion brands; NK - Nordiska Kompanient (Hamngatan, 18-20), the most elegant and famous malls in Stockholm opened in 1902. Swedish and international fashion, jewels, accessories, food and more.

Awesome Rags

Do you love vintage and second-hand pieces? Well, if you do Stockholm is definitely your destination! It offers so many stores that you can check. Among them I suggest you Lisa Larsson (Bondegatan, 48), one of the most famous second-hand store in the city that sells clothes for men and women of 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's; Beyond Retro (Asogatan, 144), here you can find colored vintage clothes, perfect to show off in the most fashionable parties, in a great mix  of deluxe and economic pieces; Katizti (Odengatan, 24), a perfect mix of amazing vintage clothes and accessories with new pieces created by famous designers and not very known brands; Judith Secondhands (Vasagatan, 14), this store is composed by two parts: the first offers second-hand clothes and shoes, the other proposes new clothes, bags and accessories. Vintage pieces are well selected and they rage from 50's to 70's ; Old Touch (Upplandsgatan, 43), here you will find a great choice of clothes, jewels, hats and other cool pieces from the first years of twentieth century to 60's. Specialized in 20's, this store also offers great clothes and accessories for masquerades; Modern retro (Wollmar Yxkullsgata, 9), 200 square meters of first and second-hand clothes, shoes, furnitures, potters and objects; 59 vintage store (Hantverkargatan, 59), feminine atmosphere and 60's and 70's glamour. The careful selection of evening dresses, shoes and clothes for the special occasions made of this store a true must for those who "more is better"...

Lisa Larsson
Judith Secondhands

Other places that I suggest you to see are: Skindeep (Humlegardsgatan, 5), a cute store that sells brands like Acne, Cacharel, See by Chloé, Miu Miu, Matthew Williamson and others; Sneakersnstuff (Asogatan, 124), the paradise of sneakers. You will find them in every colors and material.


As always I hope you enjoyed this little journey with me and that this my little "guide" has been helpful. I see you next time with I love shopping around the world

With love, Ladyfairy

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  1. Those shops are really cute,would love to shop there ;)

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  3. Che meraviglia! Mi piacerebbe tanto andarci!!:) E fare shopping!:) un bacio cara!:*

  4. Oh this is a very useful article!!! What an amazing city with so many nice places for shopping!!


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