Fashion icon of the month: Neal Caffrey

The fashion icon of this month, alas, ia a fictional character (but what a character!) and one of the new stars of american television. Ice-blue eyes, deep like two mirrors, bewitching smile and a charm... almost criminal, are just few of the trademark of the most famous gentleman thief of the small screen. And no, I'm not talking about Lupin but about Neal Caffrey the charming and brilliant coin man of the tv show White Collar, played by the equally charming actor Matt Bomer. Yes, I admit it: I also am one of the many victims that the dear Matt/Neal leaves behind him...

Sculpted and muscular body, black hair (long enough to pass your fingers through) and lips that seem drawn... Aware of his charm, Neal is a true esthete, lover of art, good food, luxury and what is beautiful in general, in particular when it comes to women who is doesn't fail to charm with his look.

But it's not only his sex appeal and his attitude (a little egocentric, I have to admit) of who knows can easly get whatever he wants to make him the "perfect guy" from every point of view; above all, it's his style, always impeccable and studied in every details, to make him a fashion icon. Great estimator of vintage and rat pack style in particular, Neal represents the perfect synthesis of the style of Dean Martin and Cary Grant, the posture of Humphrey Bogart and the timless charm of Paul Newman. Sophisticated and elegant, he gave new life (and glamour) to 60's look showing off an infinite series of suits that, accompanied by hats gangster style, make him truly irresistible!

Perfect in every occasion, Neal is a modern dandy with a huge passion for tailored creations with the vintage cut by Sy Devore (designer who dressed models of timelss elegance like Frank Sinatra, of which Neal is a big fan) and John Varvatos without dislike the creations of more modern Paul Smith, Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani. Inevitable in Neal Caffrey's closet iconic accessories of male wardrobe like tiepins and cufflinks (rigorously vintage), fedora hats and turtleneck sweaters. Here a slideshow of his best looks.

Handsome, unpredictable and irresistibly liar, he's the classic "bad boy", charming and mysterious, that all of us would like to be with and to which, we can admit it, we couldn't resist... and who can blame us for that?! See and judge fir yourselves. And to finish, here's a little gem with which delight your eyes...


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  1. mozza il fiato!!! un cattivo ragazzo da cui mi farei...maltrattare :-P

  2. di sicuro non passa inosservato!!!! bellissimo ragazzo!


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