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She looks like a new but she's already in the music scene since almost 20 years, she was a teen star but she has ben able to reinvent herself and stay on top. short blonde hair, thin silhouette and an original, colorful personal style, a mix of urban and 80's inspiration. I'm talking about the swedish singer Robyn, born Robin Miriam Carlsson, who has always catch me because of her particular sound a little dance, a little electro-pop, a little r&b.

Discovered almost by chance when she was just a teenager, she signs in 1995, at just 14, her first record deal releasing the albym "Robyn is here". It's immediately a big success, so much that her label decides to distrubuite in USA with the singles Show me love and Do you know (what it takes). They gets their point: both two singles are in the Billboard Hot 100 and Robyn is chosen to support Backstreet Boys in their tour. After a break of 3 years, she backs in 1999 with the album "MyTruth".

After 4 years since the release of her third album, in 2002, is the turn of "Don't Stop The Music" from which the single Keep this fire burning is chosen as cover of the british Beverly Knight. Because of a disagreement with Label, she decides to create her own label, the Konichiwa Records. As frontwoman of her new label, Robyn releases her fourth album with an homonymous title, anticipated by the single "Be mine!", conquering the top of swedish hitlist.

In 2007 she releases the single Konichiwa Bitches and reissue the album "Robyn". But the biggest european success arrives thanks to the collaboration with the swedish singer Kleerup with the single With every heartbeat, immediately on top of european dance hitlists. In 2010 she's back with another album: "Body Talk pt.1". It will take other 8 years before seeing appear again in music scenes with the single Go Kindergarten sung with the comic group The Lonely Island.

As weel as a great singer, Robyn also has a very unique personal style, a real trademark, capable to resist trough the years. Since her firsts apparitions she's nominated style icon, even if she doesn't consider herself a fashion icon. In fact she admits that she doesn't really follow fashion, that for her it's more about personal style than labels and designers, even if in Handle me, one of her most famous music videos, she wears the entire Jeremy Scott's f/w collection. <<I have fun dressing up myself following my moods - she said in an interview - I have a passion for colors, paddings and disguise. You know, coming from a family of artists I've grown up in the midst of costumes. To me fashion means self-expressions or expression of roles. And fun>>.

Talking about her style she described it as "juvenile", admitting that she wears the same clothes now as she did growing up. That means much of her clothing recalls the fashion of the late 1980's and 1990's, like her cropped bomber jackets, Doc Martens, leggins and graphic t-shirts. her own personal style hero is 80's british singer Neneh Cherry, and she lifts much of her fashion inspiration from old school rave culture and vintage London street wear.

Robyn is not one who hides her curves; in fact when she has the chance she loves to show off her amazing silhouette. She often wears sheer fabrics that are completely see-trough and loves to mix it up with clothes that resemble work-out wear.

I particularly like her style because it's original, funny, colorful, extravagant enough and terribly sexy. She's not afraid to experiment and she seems not be scared by judgments. She can be herself, being able, at the same time, to result always glamorous. Here, a short slideshow of her best looks. Main elements of her style are:
  • colors: pop and bright, not only on clothes but also on accessories;
  • lace-up shoes: even if she likes high heels and wedges, lace-up shoes are her very trademark;
  • leggins, better they're printed;
  • t-shirts, preferably oversized.

Beautiful, talented and glamorous. One of the best music and style icon. 
What do you think about?

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