Madrid Fashion Week S/S 2014 pills

Is ended last september 17th the Merceds - Benz Madrid Fashion Week S/S 2014 (hel at the same time of the most well-known London Fashion Week), that summoned some of the most talented designers of international fashion scene. 

Five days of "discreet" fashion (I don't know if it's the most right term to use), perhaps because it's less sponsored, during, however, didn't miss peaks of creative estrus. Here a short review of the collection I preferred the most.
Inspired by nippon militar style, the collection, minimal and elegant, plays adapting shapes and garments of male inspiration to feminine silhouette. The oriental decorations of clothes are mixed with the futuristic prints of the accessories, tought to give a modern to look.

 An elegant and sophisticated collection that, as a paint, brought on catwalk the delicate colors of the sea in a crescendo of turquoise, aquamarina and blue-grey and light and soft fabrics enriched by crystal inserts that hover on clothes like shells.

During his fashion show the designer brought on catwalk the ABC of summer fashion: stripes, navy style, denim and dresses made with soft and delicate fabrics. A ladylike and varied collection with cleand and linear shapes that emphasize the silhouette and animated by mineral prints to which the designer adds a goth touch.

The s/s collection signed by Sara Coleman and called Organic Code represents an "evolution of biological", trademark of the brand, where the ethinc design is mixed craft through new technologies and using geometry and organic references.

One of the best collection of the last few years the one presented by Victor & Luchino: elegant and  refined, tought for an graceful and sophisticated woman, made of laces, organza and chiffon, floral prints and sensual transparences. Every element seems to converge towards a single idea: turn the models into charming nymphs, sexy and innocent at the same time.

The delicay of a butterfly's flight, with its hypnotic rhytmic movement, is the start point of a fresh collection, full of dynamism, in which geometry plays a fundamental role. With his collection, the designer tries to find the mathematical formulaof the femininty inspired by the works of Max Bill, one of the most important names of "Abstraction - creation" movement.

One of my favourite ever. Is not a mystery that I'm a huge fan of Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, her creations are always fun, colorful and visionary. Also this time she gives proof of her talent presenting a playful and girly collection, made with bright and colors and linear shapes that, gradually, become cocoon and assume a cartoony aspect: balloon dresses leave place to spinning top clothes matched with accessories that seem to come to life on the faces of the models.

What do you think? What are yours favourite collections?

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