London Fashion Week F/W 2014-15 pills

Is ended last february 18 the London Fashion Week F/W 2014-15 with which starts the cycle of european fashion weeks. I have to admit that there were a few of very interesting proposals, nothing that we haven't already seen. Many collection presented were too commercial, in my opinion. Anyway, these are the collections that I liked the most.

Inspired by british painter Vanessa Bell's floral style, the collection is the celebration of a style sometimes eccentric but still traditional. As on pantings, prints dominate on clothes and accessories on a pallette of colors that go from pink to slate, from yellow to amethyst. A romantic collection, ladylike with a urban chic taste.

A tribute show to femininity that brings the brand on the road of tradition with a romantic collection made of embroidery, elaborate decorations and clean and sharp lines. Fabrics like velvet, silk and brocades are enriched by swarowski inserts, silk jaquard and tulle, perfect for young metropolitan princesses.

Focal point of the collection are the Art Decò prints and graphic themes, the clean  and almost statuesque  lines, softened by by fabrics like silk and organza (experimenting with other ones like leather, lurex and gauze), by the elegant transparences played on a palette of colors that go from ice blue to gray, beige, light green, red and bordeaux.

Opulence and glamour are the best interpretations of this f/w collection. A rich, precious, bright, ladylike, sensual and elegant collection. The dresses, made with soft silk and delicate organza, adapt to the body in a more fluid way, emphasizing the silhouette, are enriched by feather, gold and crystal inserts and sequins for an explosion of shine and femininity.

Although evolving them, the designer remains faithful to her personal style and language. Through symbols and uniform decorative motifs, the collection is inspired by references to humble crafts articuleted on clothes enriched by embroidery, applications, laces, brocades and the research of new and innovative shapes and proportions. Decorations, that replace prints, seem to want to propose a new heraldy as for the shapes evolve in tapered and fluid ones.

Colored and funny, apparently inspired by schoolish girl style, the collection presents clothes with urban taste made in a mix of tweed, wool and organza that shine thanks to a waterfall of sequins and enriched sometimes by embroidery, sometimes by gold inserts and other ones by ruffles, bands and transparences.

The collection is clearly inspired y 70's style. The three designers propose a rock-gothic mood. Despite the use of materials like mesh (torn apart and reworked) and crochet, the collection is able to appear ironic and funny thanks to lively shapes and bright colors.

One of the best proposals of the entire LFW. Miss Westwood represents a woman born into privilege, friendly and who cares to apparences. Sophisticated and committed, she's active in the preservation of the world; she's bold and she love art, she's elegant and confident, lively but discreet.

In this f/w collection the designer presents the perfect union of masculine and feminine, in a femme fatale style with a little bit dark touch, played on a remarkable palette of colors like black carbon, gray and forest green. Lines are stright and clean, aminated by fur inserts that give to the collection an aggressive but sophisticated allure.

A urban chic and ladylike collection, elegant but at the same time easy, comfy but glamorous. Leather, laces, fur and sensual transparences, as for sequins and crystal inserts, give to the collection a sensual and glamorous allure with a metropolitan taste.

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