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Hi, guys! The music icon I chose for this month is one of my favourite singer ever: a sublime and incredibly strong voice, a music style somewhere between soul, pop, blues and alternative rock that puts all agree and personality so strong but also so sensitive that has made ​​inroads into the hearts of millions of fans all around the world. Obviously I’m talking about Adele, born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, star of music scene made in Uk, considered Amy Winehouse’s true heir.

Marked by a not too happy childhood she approaches to music when she is a little kid listening icon of soul music like Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James. When she’s 14 she enrolls at BRIT School, a famous english  music academy also attended  in that period by Jessie J, another future English singer. After the graduation she makes her dream come true uploading some of her songs on her MySpace profile, thanks to which she gets the attention of audience attending at several British TV shows and signing a contract with XL Recording. Spokeswoman of love stories without happy ending, she officially debuts in 2008 with 19, her first album, from which are extracted singles like Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory that get a big success in Europe and Unites States and make her earn the top of charts.

Strong of the success achieved, she comes back two years next with 21 that signs her definitive consecration in the international music scene as the lady of white soul. The album is a hit of huge proportions and all the tracks extracted, from Rolling In The Deep to Someone Like You, Set Fire To The Rain, Turning Tables and Rumour Has It, reach the first positions of international music charts, allowing her to improse on top of Billboard Hot 100 for a total duration of 24 weeks. 

Awards and acknowledgments arrive soon, she receives 6 nominations at the MTV VMA 2011 winning for Best Editing, Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction, all for Rolling in the Deep and 21 becomes the best-selling album of the years and the fifth best-selling of all time in the UK. The next February, in occasion of Grammy Awards  2012 she gets 6 statuettes : Best Short Form Music Video, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Pop Solo Performance and Pop Vocal Album, establishing, with Beyoncé, the record for the biggest number of statuettes won in one night by a female artist. In the same year she records Skyfall for the track list of the homonymous film, the 23rd chapter of the James Bond’s saga. The song stands on top of international charts and gets several prestigious awards like, in 2013, a Golden Globe for Best Original Song, a BRIT Award for Best British Single and an Academy Award for Best Original Song. The 10th February of the same year, the singer triumphs again at Grammy Awards in the section of best pop solo performance, for the live version of Set fire to the rain. The 19th may she is awarded again at Billboard Music Awards in the Top Album category and the 14th june Queen Elizabeth II assigns to her the honor of Member of the Order of the British Empire. 2013 is a gold year for Adele who, the 19th October becomes mum of little Angelo James. 

Even if she’s young, she blew out 25 candles last May, she has on her side a respectful career and a global success. With her extraordinary talent she’s dictating the rules non only in music field. With a bon ton and retro personal style, with an adorable 60’s taste, she become a true style icon, classy and elegant, deliciously curvy. Yes, because unlike other colleagues, who always look for a perfect body, she doesn’t care about her extra pounds, proud of her XL size that she shows off with naturalness and sensuality that made her one of the most influent curvy icon of the moment.

A curved and shapely woman, capable to live her roundness with style and consciousness, who had the chance to  remove some pebble in the shoe and take a little revenge on fashion world that had to succumbed to her overwhelming sensuality. The first one to bow the head was the queen of Vogue’s world, Anna Wintour who, in spite to all other standard starlets appeared in the past (beautiful, without a doubt but who border on anorexia) and the opinion of the dear friend Karl Lagerfeld who defined Adele “a little  too fat”, wanted her on the cover of her magazine. Sorry Karl, you went wrong this time!

Comfortable on her generous curves, she made of retro style a trademark. Porcelain face, pin up makeup, big hair often arranged in soft hairstyles  and bon ton dresses that emphasize her round and soft curves. Rarely she hides her generous décolleté, revealed by wide necklines, lace and transparencies, while her waist is often emphasized by belts tight under her bust. From gowns  to flared dresses, the must have color of her wardrobe is surely black, but to the sobriety of her looks she matches accessories: maxi earrings or shoes that contribute to slender the silhouette. 

A style that definitely got it right but that, maybe – and with that I don’t mean she’s less elegant or beautiful, because she is – is not exactly suitable to her young age. But from where I come they say that who wins is always right, so Adele, keep it up! And now, a short selection of her bets looks. What do you think?


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  1. Adoro ADELE ... Splendida icona curvy

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