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Hi, guys! The protagonist of this month of Art & Expression is one of the most talented artists I've ever had the pleasure to write about. As often happens the best things are found by chance and that's what happened this time when looking around for inspiration I found this amazing young italian illustrator. Halfway between classic painting and street art there's Stefania Schino. It's a honor to me to present her to all of you through this little interview she did for Ladyfairy's closet.

Tell us about you.
I came from the south, to be precise from Puglia. The rest I have yet to find out.

When did you approach to art?
My path is a bit particular. I've always desired to work in art world, but I have to admit that in the first place I've listened to the advices of those who suggested me to find a normal job, maybe in an office. I've a degree in economics with a specialization in financial statement analysis. But later I got a designer bachelor. Drawing and painting are things that I've always done, since I can remember.

What does stimulate you creatively?
A lot of things. The ideas often come to me by ordinary life. Sometimes I find myself in a row thinking that the melancholy gaze of the woman next to me is just the one I'd like that a character subject of one of my
paintings has.

If you should describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Curious, melancholy, eternally unsatisfied.

There's a character/reference in  art world that you particularly esteem and appreciate? And why?
I have to admit that when I want to shake off of me the many useless things that I'm forced to see everyday (as many people, by the way), when I want to freshen up with a vision that makes me feel better I have recourse to photography. A reference to me is always Ferdinando Scianna. Genius.

The artist or artists that who inspire you the most.
In the world of painting there's only one master to me. Caravaggio. But my infinite research of stylistic and technical perfection binds me to hyperrealism, I like the artworks of Roger Goings, Terry Rodgers... but there are so many and incredibly talented.

How would you describe your style?
Technically I'd like to define my style as classic. However my characters don't belong to this world. Maybe there's something surreal, but often it's about surreal subjects in a very real contest.

Stefano Benni says that "art is escape from normalcy that wants to eat you". What art is to you? And what kind of relationship do you have with it?
I couldn't answer differently.

Your secret artistic wish?
Create perfect artworks in which there's a perfect coincidence between what I had in mind and what my hand has been able to do. Create works that can be popular and induce the observer to come into my reality, to see it as I see it.

On what are you working right now?
I'm working on a new series. Portraits. The first is  a portrait of Judy Garland. It will be finished soon.

Many of your works have as their subject fairytale's protagonists portrayed in an ironic and mocking way, a bit decadent. What is the relationship you have with the child inside you?
You're the first person to use the word decadent. There isn't most effective adjective. The child in me is disappearing. The problem is that it will never happen at all. That's the process is leaving mine in an eternal, disillusioned limbo, in which sometimes emerges a dream, as terrible punishment. Sometimes, instead, you can see a reality that struggles to make sense. That's why I have to disturb it by myself with my vision. I see these characters that I have ripped by myself from their perfect worlds to make them enjoy the discomfort of a reality that has too much sense.

The works you realized for Diesel's fragrance adv campaign Loverdose narrate female body and its sensuality. How do you live your being woman and what is your relationship with your femininity?
I'm extremely proud to be a woman, there's nothing I can't not to do as a woman. Femininity is a so delicious virtue. All women should protect it.

What is the thought behind your artworks?
I tell of a real world in which imaginary character have been brought, as in a strange experiment. Fairytale time is over. And it's not easy to live like that. It's not easy to adapt to life as we know it, if you are Cinderella or Snow White. There are strange situations, unknown objects. Clever people. I'm just there to photograph this discomfort.

There's one or more works do you love the most? And why?
The title is "THE DARKNESS AROUND ME". It was my first acrylic.

Tell us about the creative process behind your creations.
I first perceive something  that is like a sudden scent that takes you on the road, then I imagine a scene and
decide how to set up my work. So elaborate sketches and try to study their light, their shadows, their colors. This part is very complicated and requires many trials. In practice, the part of study is the one that maybe lasts more, because once it is imprinted in my mind, the creation of the painting or illustration becomes quite fluid. Of course the process of realization depends on medium I use. There's no technique I don't want to experiment, but I certainly have a powerful preference for oil colors.

There's a particular place (city or museum) in which you'd like to expose your works?
I'd like to expose in London. Is a city I love so much.

Future projects
I have several collaborations in pipeline, I'd also like to dedicate more time to works to expose.

My blog is basically focused on fashion. What fashion means to you? And how do you relate with it?
Fashion is a sublime form of art. I'm so attached to fashion. I'm always a designer even if right now I'm dedicated to figurative art. A project I intend to develop is my own collection composed by little artworks. Fashion is basically more democratic than it can seem. Anyone can make art, if we admit that the concept of "art" is close to concept "expression". So anyone can decide to express himself of today as a work of art, his own "costume" simply working on the design of his appearance, the clothes he wears, the make up.

A quote or a motto that really defines you.
I don't know. I always repeat to myself that "I can always get better".

A truthful advice from a young artist to a young artist: what's the main ingredient?
Maybe I'm a bit banal but I think that work and technique are the only, essential starting point. You can't not to know technique. With that I don't mean that everyone has to attend the most prestigious schools or expensive classes. Network today offers an inexhaustible source of tutorials. What it counts is to practice until to become good. Only and only in the moment we are able to transfer on canvas what you have in your imagination, exactly as we imagined it, you can, in my opinion, to express in the way that belongs to us the most. Recognitions will come by their own.

What is, in your opinion, the first step to do in art world?
If the goal is create art because you can't do otherwise, the answer is: take pen and pencil and start to work. Automatically you get close to joy and turn away darkness. If the goal is become famous artists and sell your works the answer is: make noticed by someone who really counts, knock to doors. If you're good and in the right place, maybe something good happens.

A greeting to the readers of Ladyfairy's closet.
I'm sure that Ladyfairy's closet attracts readers with a twinkle. And that's why I share with everyone the invitation to observe the reality and discover little worlds that can not be seen with naked eye. Everything is more interesting.

If you want to know moe about this amazingly talented artist found her on geminimoda.blogspot.com, on Facebook and Twitter. I hope you enjoyed her works as much as I did. 
I see you next time!

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