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Hola chicos! Now that spring is already here and summer is coming (GOT reference!), it's time to think to some holydays destinations (yes, I know is a bit too soon, but let me dream). And when I think to summer, to sun, to sea I can't help myself to think about my beloved Spain. On the border with France, in the most continental part of Spain, in the heart of the province of Girona, there is one of the most beautiful and picturesque city that I've ever seen: Cadaques, landing place for writers and artists remained famous in history, like Bunel, Picasso, Mirò and the enigmatic and eccentric Salvador Dalì, who there built his own home (I suggest you to pay a visit, it totally worths it).

Halfway between a little fishing village and meeting point for viveurs, it's a true living paradise, characterized by an exquisite bohemian atmosphere. Houses, facades of hotels, restaurants and stores are characterized by a dazzling white that contrasts with the blue of the sea and the sky. The historical center is composed by several paved streets that intertwine and mingle each other, on the side restaurants and stores sell a wide variety of items, from souvenirs to candles, from books to clothes... variety is the key word. There's something for all tastes, you just need to unplug from the daily grind and being absorbed by the mood of Cadaques. 

Our little trip begins with Ele et Mo (Riba Poal), a real fascinating little store where you'll find 60's clothes revisited in a new hippy-chic way, original accessories and fashion brands by new emerging spanish designer. Inevitable are paintings and prints by young and conceptual artists; La Pepa (Port Alguer): if you live for couture and budget is the last of your problems, this is the place for you. It's one of the most exclusive and luxurious store in Cadaques in which is possible to find the latest collections of the most prestigious fashion brand. 

Ele et Mo
La Pepa

We proceed with Mo Cadaques (18, Doctor callis), one of the most "young" local store. Here the proposals are mainly addressed to youth and teenagers: dresses, blouses, tops... everything you need for a chic street style; Moksha (Plaza del Estrella), a super fascinating shop that reminds me an old indian store. Here you'll find amulets, protective stones, pendants, pearls, harem pants decorated with patterns and embroidery, caftans made with colorful customed textures and bracelets for every taste. On the same wavelength is Gemma Ridameya (Vigilant), a wonderful jewelry that sells amazing jewels that contains all the art of the people, created with rustic materials and stones by talented artsists. 

Mo Cadaques

Other personal suggets are places like Can Salò, a great place where to find art items and traditional spanish pottery. I can't not to mention the stalls and the markets where you'll find amazing traditional and typical objects... gems of extraordinary beauty.

And after having refreshed for few minutes at the iconic Café Tropical, inevitable pit stops for a shoes addicted like me are Castaner (Carrer d'es Cotxe) that proposes fabulous wedges and Roig Casademont Miguel (3, Plaza Frederic Rahola), where you'll find male and female shoes with the typical catalan taste.


Our little trip is over. I hope you enjoyed and this my little guide can be helpful. I'll see you next time for another shopping session all around the world. 
Love, Ladyfairy

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  1. I love finding stores all over too that has all these unique finds!



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