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Hi, guys! The music icon I chose for this month is a music band that T've recently discovered: the First Aid Kit, the Swedish duo composed by sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg... everything you need to listen if you want to escape from your world for few hours. 

Born in Enskede, a northern suburb of Stockholm, the sisters start to write their first songs in 2007, inspired by the folk style of artists such Fleet Foxes, Okkervil River and Joanna Newsom. In 2008 their cover of Fleet Foxes's Tiger Mountain Paesant Song, uploaded on YouTube, gives them success and makes them earn an invitation by Fleet Foxes to open their concert in Netherlands. They debut that same year with the EP Drunken Trees, published by Rabid Records and them re-published by the londoner Wichita Records with Tiger Mountain Paesant Song as bonus track. 

In 2010 they release their first studio album, The Big Black & The Blue, from which are extracted the singles Ghost Town and Universal Soldier, followed by a world tour with 100 dates. During a concert in Nashville, they are approached by Jack White who propose to them to record a single for the Third Man Records Series. After that, they accompany the band Bright Eyes during the performance of Lua

In January 2012 they publish their second album, The Lion's Roar, that debut at the top of swedish charts and from which are extracted The Lion's Roar, Emmylou, Wolf and Blue. In the same year, Johanna and Klara join several important music festivals performing at Lollapolooza, Bestival and Austin City Limits Music Festival. 2014 is, instead, the year of the release of Stay Gold, their third album anticipated by singles Cedar Lane and My Silver Lining

I love this group so much, their style a bit indie, rock, and folk... capable to evoke retro environments and rhythms; you need to listen few of their notes to be magically transported in the 60's-70's atmospheres, the years of hippy movement and Woodstock. In their songs there are an old world that opens your heart and cure your soul... they write about married life unsatisfactory, about women who are not afraid to pick up their lives, hoping to became role models for everyone who listen to them. 

They're not just talented and poetic musicians, they also have a personal style characterized by a boho chic inspiration, deliciously vintage. Paisley motifs, flowers, white lace are the main elements, but also floppy hats, maxi dresses, light blouses and long wavy or braided hair. 

We must to admit these girls know what they do... two lionesses that roar to the rhythm of sounds so far in time that have never been so close.

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