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Hi, guys! This month for Odi et Amo section, I chose one of my favorite hobby ever, something that I really, really love. It's a mixed blessing of every woman, cause and solution of every problem: it's shopping! I love shopping, I would do shopping all day, every day. It's awesome, it enriches your wardrobe and, just admit it, it makes to feel so damn good! When you shop around the stores you feel like some kind of superstar, like you are the protagonist of movie who buys up all the best things at her disposal... it misses only a background soundtrack and it's done! Clothes, shoes and accessories at close range, kind and helpful clerks who treat you like you're the most important client, flattering you with many compliments... an injection of self-esteem that should not be understeemed. In conclusion, how to resist?

But, as far as this scenario may sound tempting, often happens - it happened to everyone at least once - that shopping sessions, especially those inspired by bad days, bad mood and delusions of various kind, prove to be fruitless and disappointing. Who has not ever happened to come in a store, look around, take everything is in front of you, maybe try a dress, fall in love with it, buy it on instinct and then ask yourselves something like "What should I do with a prom dress? I just needed socks!". You can return it (and face the horrible clerk's disapproval look), changing it with something, but once that you lose your enthusiasm it's hard to repair the damage.

Be able to control yourselves might be hard, but is necessary. If you go shopping you need to have a strategy and remember few rules, simple but efficacious. 
  1. Avoid to shop if you're depressed or in a bad mood: you'll be more prone to head shots and bad purchases;
  2. Set a budget before every shopping session: it's a wise move that will make you and your wallet very happy;
  3. Do not improvise: do a fast check to your wardrobe and make a list of what you need. Always ask yourselves "do I really need this?" if you need more than five seconds to answer, just give up. Improvising is the easy way to buy things that will grow mold in your closet;
  4. Trace a detailed map of the stores that you can afford, you'll avoid to waste precious time, you'll have more fun and go straight to the right  shelfs;
  5. If you need to invent an excuse to buy somenthing, maybe it's not exactly a good purchase;
  6. A size 10 doesn't turn magically into a 8 size and vice versa. Have courage, face the mirror and take consciousness of your body;
  7. Friends lie. Leave them at home, they would distract you and - admit that - they would be able to say you look good in a sack. If you want company bring with you your sister, if you have one: she supposes to love you and be honest enough to say if you look good or not. Important: guys don't like shopping, they get tired, complain and, above all, they're not helpful so, don't bring them with you... at least you don't want to punish them: in that case it's fine;
  8. Whimsy. Basically shopping is not only made to buy things we need (or we think we need), it's also made to cuddle ourselves a little bit, so take yourself a calculated whimsy, just one: everything will be more fun and productive;
  9. If you are not a professionist in shopping don't bite off more than you can chew, yielding to the temptation of online shopping. The risk is to get into wrong sizes and stuff you would never wear;
  10. What you wear expresses what you are. It's important that you feel comfortable with clothes you wear regardless of how they fit, trends or catwalks.
These are just little tricks, but they work.  And remember: stores are always there, they won't disappear. So, at least you don't feel sure, take a look around before buying anything and, if you can, choose to to go during the week, preferably in the morning: the majority of people work and kids and teenagers are at school. This will allow you to have more free stores, more available clerks and you'll avoid to get into unpleasant duels, old west style, for the things you want.

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