Deep in the heart of London, the Victoria & Albert Museum pays its personal tribute to the style, the mastery and the tailoring art, all italian, with THE GLAMOUR OF ITALIAN FASHION 1945 - 2014, the exhibition - sponsored by Bulgari with the support of Blavatnik Family Foundation - that explores the big contribution that Italy gave to modern fashion since the end of Second World War. 

Surrounded by the atmospheres of Roman Holiday and La Dolce Vita, among shorts videoclips and fashion photography of the period, the exhibition examines the refinement of the accessories, the craftsmanship, the preciuous materials, the innovative ready-to-wear, the tailoring finesse and the care of details that made great Italy in the whole world. A journey long 69 years, through the creations of some of the most important and celebrated fashion brand in the world: from Valentino to Gucci, from Fontana Sisters to Prada, passing by Missoni, Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, including the most modern emerging designers. 

A unique event to not miss, on view until July 27

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