I love shopping around the world: Tel Aviv

Hi, guys! Our globe brings us, this time, into one of the most beautiful lands of the Near East, placed on the coast of Mediterranean, in the heart of Israel: Tel Aviv, the biggest and most populous metropolitan area of Israel, elected as "World Heritage Site" by Unesco in 2004. A popular israeli saying states that "Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv has fun". And it couldn't be more true, the city is the most lively centre of the whole country, a city alive 24 hours 24, flourishing culture, fun and commerce. Get lost in the narrow streets lined with the houses - Bahuaus style - is an experience that is worth doing at least once in life.

It needs just a few moments to being overwhelmed by the bewitching atmosphere of the city... every street, every corner, every alley oozes charm and magic. A little cosmopolitan oasis, paradise for al shopping lovers. Like any self-respecting city, Tel Aviv also has its headquarters in fashion and shopping: Dizengoff Street, a place in which old and new are perfectly united. Thought as something half between decadent parisian boulevards and Brooklyn Heights, here is possible to find lot of city's trends. There's no local designer who doesn't want to open here his own boutique, absorbed in the heart of israeli fashion. House for some of the best flagship stores of the city, here glamour is both grunge and brilliant and stores dress up the protagonists of Tel Aviv nightlife. 

An example is Rhus Ovata (155, Dizengoff Street), a boutique hidenn in the walls covered with graffiti, founded by the israeli Zucker sister, winners of Diesel award as young designers in 2002. Their collections have a rockeuse style with an edgy touch. Continuing you'll find Ka::y (159, Dizengoff Street), where is possible to find all the news of european fashion next to the accessories and jewels of israeli Satat Hagar that combine chains in the style of Chanel with a mix of israeli charms and symbols; Vered S (110, Dizengoff Street), a boutique which imports the hottest brands from the capital fashion cities of the world and in where you can find high and street fashion and evening dresses, shoes and unique accessories.

Another store that for sure deserve a visit is Yosef Peretz (213, Dizengoff Street), former dancer became designer and creator of sexy and bold models, with a eclectic and urban touch typical of Israelis. If you love jewesl you can't not to take a look to Verner (216, Dizengoff Street), store owned by Shira Dolinger who reveals a personal choice of vintage next to local and international designers. 

Israeli designers love vintage and, to realize it, you just need to take a look to Cala (184, Dizengoff Street) and its vintage clothing line combined with clothes signed by biggest names of israeli fashion. Continuing with vintage some stores I suggest to you are: Ahava LeShinah (Love for seconds), this vintage store has a great combination of women's and men's clothing and it also sells housewares accessories; HaMachteret (8, Almonit Alley); The Antique/garage Sale Market, one of my favourite place to find clothes, shoes and bric-a-brac; Shtaim, this shop is a sort of swishing shop as well as vintage shop. Fore instance, when doing a purge of your wardrobe, you can take the clothes there. If they like what you've brought, they'll give you a voucher. 

They also source some clothes from Europe and have some beuatiful vintage dresses, no to mention some great second hand stuff; Lucky n° 2 (2, Lavontin) and Eshet Hail (1, Almonit Alley), in addition to an answer selection of second hand retro clothing, you'll also have a chance to accessorize yourselves completely, the store in fact boasts probably the widest collection of eyewear, earrings and all sorts of crazy pins; Banker (210, Dizengoff Street), a true paradise of vintage with brands from L.A. and New York.

Other stores to not miss are MorVEyos (13, Barzilay Street), the boutique owned by two israeli designers - trained by the great Alexander McQueen - in which you'll find chic clothing, top of the line designer apparel and of course a friendly staff and prices to match all of the above; Jiffa (4, King George Street ), is the place where you can find ultra-chic, cool, urban shoes to walk about in Tel Aviv ot to dance the night away at yet another groovy party. In addiction to a wide selection of shoes, you can also find an array of fashion accessories such hats, as well as stylish t-shirts; Revolver (37, Bugrashov Street), there you'll find street, urban fashionable clothes, at reasonable pricings; Shoemaker (20, King George Street), is a unique and hip women's footwear design studio; Abramey (14, Hamesila Rishpon), this is for sure one of my favourite shops in Tel Aviv, an amazing store in which you can buy wonderful handmade shoes designed by Noa Levy Aran.

End your journey taking a drink at Abraxas (40, Lilienblum Street) or Nanuchka (30, Lilienblum Street) and, unleashing until the first light of the morning, enjoy the magic of sunrise on Tel Aviv, wrapped in its glows and games of light.

This our little journey is over, I hope to be helpful. 
See you next time in another city all around the world!

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