The Dualism: Vol. I

I recently had the opportunity to discover a very interesting exhibition of photographs of an anonymous British artist at the chief of a photographic studio, whose staff is responsible for organizing and managing the relationship between the artist and his audience.

The exhibition, titled “THE DUALISM” guides the viewer through a journey of exploration of the human soul, whose subjects show their essence so raw and realistic, stripped of their humanity. In the words of Pirandello, almost «characters in search of an author». 

The purpose of the exhibition is to reflect on the typical dualism of the human race, between mind and body, between good and evil, between what is and what you want be, highlighting the weaknesses inherent in every man.

The success of the exhibition was such, that the Facebook page dedicated to the artist and his show has reached the 35,000 fans in no time!
An impressive experience, collected in a book by homonymous title: “THE DUALISM: VOL. I“, edited by the staff of the artist at his studio in London, and reviewed by the BBC who writes about it: «A frisson of something dangerous and unexpected in the air».

Here, the video that offers a glimpse of the book’s content:  

For more information about the artist and the book:

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