Fashion Icon of the month: Blake Lively

I’ve decided to inaugurate a new monthly column dedicated to international fashion icons. The first icon of the month can be described in three words: talented, beautiful and blonde. I’m talking about the twenty-five actress Blake Lively. Five years ago she was cast to play the role of the beautiful and tormented Serena van der Woodsen of the tv-show Gossip girl, and since that day her career is on the rise: television, movies and fashion. It’s not a mystery, in fact, that Karl Lagerfeld has chosen her as testimonial of the campaign Mademoiselle bag by Chanel, electing her ambassador of the brand around the world.

Disputed by fashion magazines (she was on the cover of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Teen Vogue just to quote some of them), she became friend of true institutions of the fashion world as the same Lagerfeld, creative director of fashion house Chanel, Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue US, and shoes designer Christian Louboutin (to which she has expressed her esteem) that has dedicated a pair of shoes: the Blake.
From her first apparitions, has been noted by public, as well as her beauty even for her style always treated in details, very close to her character’s, imitated by millions of girls around the world.
Strengths of her look are:
- Legs: long and beautiful, the actress enhances them with dizzy slits, never vulgar, mini skirt, skinny jeans and very high heels.
- Brest: it’s not a mystery that the young Blake loves her breast. Some of outfit that she wore on red carpets, in fact, pointed on plunging necklines.
- Shoes: very high heels, chosen for day and night.

On her and her style is expressed, among others, even Eric Daman, costume designer of the show, who said: « She’s not an anorexic bitch, she has tits and an ass. She knows where the hemline needs to hit, what colors she should wear and about draping» and again « She’s not getting out of cars without panties and she [sic] rather be home making apple pie, not partying in a limo. That’s why Anna [Wintour] likes her». And to who compares her to Sara J. Parker and her character, Carrie Bradshaw, he says: «Sarah Jessica Parker was so instrumental about clothing and the draping and body parts and Blake is the same exact way, but she’s not Carrie and she’s not SJP. Blake is in her 20’s and has a hot body, she’s a teen icon of high fashion and we haven’t really seen something like it, she’s like the Jackie O. of her time».

Fashion icon or not? Posterity will judge…  In the meantime, here’s a roundup of photos on her style:

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