New York fashion week 2012

He has just completed the 2012 New York Fashion Week and I have to say I’m quite excited.
Always spectacular but less commercial than other years, the City proposes a mix of designers, styles, journalists and people more or less tied to the fashion world. I really appreciated the collections presented. It ‘clear that I liked some more than others, but overall, I am quite satisfied.
Among recurring themes and innovative ideas, there are the collections that struck me most:

The collection A/W 2012-13 continues the 20's mood that we have seen in the catwalks of spring/summer 2012. Mian theme of the show is the color-blocking, revisited in a new way: natual tones are interspresed by back and some more vivid colors. Referring to the wardrobe of Bèrènice Bejo on The Artist, the shirt-dresses are embellished with pleats, side slits and bits of flapping fabric; the jackets are enriched by fur sleeves and collar, as well as to coats are added of wool insert, leather and fur that creates fascinating contrasts among the different surfaces.

Feminine and luxuriously, Tadashi Shoji's collections also gives a nod to the 20's mood. Transparent fabrics finished with precious, are enriched with lace, lurex intarsia and ruffles that create movemente in the dresses, kimono, mermaid and houglass shapes, for a sinous and elegant silhouette.

The collection is focused on games of contrasts: the classical austerity of dress is softened by leather gloves, fur meets the lamè, pastel colors are mixed with more aggressive tones like black, while the leather accessories are softened by bow insert, giving a cool and lively touch to collections.


Disco inspiration for Rebecca Minkoff who for this F/W, offers exuberant combinations of colors, fluid and relaxed shapes and a silhouette that emphaisizes the female body. Highlight of the collection are the jackets by bold lines.


Bohemian atmosphere with a touch of 60′s-70′s, mood, in which large shirts and trousers in velvet and the classic wide-brimmed hat are mixed with military jackets. Floral prints are mixed with geometric patterns. The tapered fluid will rest on the curvy body.

 British attitude proposed by Ruffian. The collection brings on catwalk wealthy women of the English countryside, with their plaid coats, the suits and tapered sheath skirts. A classy style but always cool and wearable for day and for the evening.
 Fruity and flowered fantasy soar on dresses proposed by Jill Stuart for this a/w. Trapeze skirts, soft romper suits and cocktail dresses embellished with gold thread and lace, compose this collection, feminine and fun-loving  that creates a warm atmosphere for the cold winter months.

 The collection to a/w  2012-13 takes place between the ’50s mood and the nerd style. Romantic and fresh, this collection consists of voluminous skirts, soft blouses, men’s shirts, parkas and coats processed. Complete the flats booties worn with short socks and the inevitable nerd chic glasses.

 For season a /w 2012-13, Gwen Stefani proposes a real Back to School  90′s style. Pleated mini skirts, shorts and neon colors give the a rock taste to collection, typical of the singer who also shows a softer and innocent side in the Peter Pan collar and sweater neck.
 Romantic and practical, the collection consists of geometric patterns based on color, cocktail dresses decorated with rhinestones and applications of plots and graphic-based metallic colors.
 A floral winter for Derek Lam who suggests  the contrast of white and brocade with floral theme and cachemire motiv. The skirts matched with t-shirt and  shirt-dresses give a simple and feminine touch.
 Explotion of colors and patterns and game of lights are proposed for this a/w. The watchword is wealth, flaunted on oversize shirts and fur inserts on coats.
 A cross between Alien and Avatar, walking on catwalk bold and futuristic creations. The clothes relie on body in a sinous way, while the black and the games of transparency give a sexy charge unparalleled.

 Collection based on elegance. The beautiful dresses are embellished with rhinestones and sequins and relie gently enhancing the body curves. Tapered and flared silhouette gives an understated elegance for a modern classic.
 This collection of Donna Karan seems was  inspired by the androgynous style of Greta Garbo. The classic clothes of menswear  are reinterpreted in a modern and feminine way. If the jackets are proposed in their all austerity, skirts and dresses instead soften by slits and origami inserts. The woman who is proposed here has character and confidence on her sensuality.

 Portrait of a good girl. That’s I would call the collection  a/w by Tory Burch. A mood of the ’40s is the setting for dresses eniriched by lace embroidery, chiffon, tulle and organza. The skirts, blouses and coats relie gently on body. A sweet, fresh and feminine collection.

 A collection focused on wealth and elegance reflected in the clothes that emphasize the silhouette. Tissues enriched with precious inserts, rhinestones and sequins for a woman who wants to focus attention.

British attitude and androgynous style proposed by Ralph Lauren for the season a/w. For the day  jockey pants go well with plaid jackets, with male cut. In the evening, the woman shows her femininity: the soft wrap dress emphasizing the silhouette giving sensuality and elegance to body.

 This collection is characterized by an atmosphere somewhere between the 50′s and 60′s, the years of Twiggy, made by shirt-dresses, short jackets and trousers, on which are mixed floral prints made of bright colors, paired with Mary Jane flats. A fresh and lively suitable for young romantic.

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