Polyvore turns five

It’s been already five years since Polyvore appeared on web giving the opportunity to so many girls around the world to feel Anna Wintour for a while and play with fashion.

For those who do not know what I’m talking about, Polyvore is a platform that allows you to create infinite set of clothes and accessories, combining images selected from various sites. You can also contact other users registered on the site, send private messages and comment the sets.

Signing up is easy and absolutely free: just go to the site www.polyvore.com and register by entering your  e-mail address and a password and you’re done! An explanatory video tells you how to do to better use your resources. Who thinks it’s just a pastime for fashion lovers, is wrong. Behind Polyvore, there is a small californian company guided  by young entrepreneurs who conceived site as a place where people can experiment freely their own style. Today, Polyvore is a one of the most visited sites  around the world and its number of users (of all nationalities) is growing day by day. And if, for common girls is a way to have fun, creating new looks, for professionals is a valuable tool to test styles and launch new trends.


Not only, Polyvore is a valuable resource for interior designers who can upload images of furniture and choose the most successful pairings. Another feature that distinguishes Polyvore are  groups created by various users and the possibility of holding “contests” choosing the winners personally, or leaving decree them to public charge to vote the sets that they prefere. Let go the shopaholic in you and give life to unique and ever-new combinations.

At this point I just have nothing else to say except 

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