Fashion Icon of the month: Alexa Chung

The fashion icon of this month is a girl. I give you some clues: she’s english, is a vj, model and regular at London fashion week (not only). Still anything? Well, she has been nominated “Best dressed of 2009” by Teen Vogue magazine. Didn’t you guess it yet? We repair  immediately. Is Alexa Chung

Class 1983, is an english socialite, model, vj, blogger and television presenter very popular in England and America (maybe a little less in Italy), acclaimed by fashion magazines and designers and face of many commercial campaign, as the campaign for Vero Moda. The last one, in chronological order, is the campaign of Superga: the italian brand of sneakers, that has chosen her as testimonial for the 100th  year of activity.

 Recently, she is established among the fashion icons of the new generation, supplanting the one who was considered the coolest of the UK: Miss Kate Moss. In fact, in many ways, Alexa can be considered a version without excesses of Kate Moss. Both, in fact, are english, supercool  and present in the imagination of rock music (Alexa’s boyfriend is the front man of Artick Monkyes).
But if Miss Chung is one of the most wanted women of jet-set, there’s definitely another reason. We have to admit it: the girl has style, it’s demonstrated by the fact that the Mulberry brand has named “Alexa” one of its bags… and who, among us, wouldn’t want a bag that carries his name? Well, I definitely would! Blessed her…
On her public apparitions she’s always flawless: cool, classy, without exceeding, she mixes perfectly clothes and accessories of biggest international brands with other vintage and low cost ones. Her style, sometimes indie-rock, other time chic and bon ton, sober and never trivial, is always perfect. She interprets the trends in an original way, adapting them to her personality, creating eclectic looks, Digita il testo o l'indirizzo di un sito web oppure traduci un documento.
reversing the rules of fashion with her own style.
Strength of her style are:
  • Stratification,  the temperatures and weather of England, it’s knew, they always do tricks. Better to be prepared with a nice cardigan or a blazer.
  • Stripes and trench, a must in her wardrobe, that she wears flawlessly.
  • Mix, key word of her very personal style. Feminine clothes mixed perhaps with masculine and edgy style accessories.
  • Creativity, Alexa is always original and creative with her ​​outfits. She does not follow fashion, she "creates" it!
Glamorous, smart and famous. We can consider Alexa as the perfect girl, with a perfect closet. Here, some pics of her style.

What do you think about it? She deserve or not the title of fashion icon of the month?

3 commenti:

  1. I love her style and she is always fabulous!!

  2. mi piace un sacco :-) bel post, complimenti, ti seguo :-) !!!

  3. Alexa simply is amazing. We adore her style. However it does not fit everyone.


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