I love shopping around the world: Paris

This heading is dedicated to those who, like me, love to travel and do shopping of every kinds: from the biggest brands to outlets, from markets to hi-teck stores. That’s the reason why, every months, I will choose a city in particular, posting a little guide with information, advices and suggestions about places, stores and styles, to help you to deal with shopping around the world. The first city that I’m going to analyze is the capital of shopping: Paris! In the morning the whole city is spectacular: the fresh morning air smells of  the sweet scent of croissants and pastries of the typical patisseries. At noon, the sunlight shows the beauties of the city, at night, instead, the streets are colored by the bright lights of the stores. Paris is all of this and more.

Oh, Paris! I have a special relationship with this city, that I carry in my heart for many reasons. One of them is, definitely, the shopping! Who, at least once, has not dreamed to walking through the Champs-Élysées and do shopping to  Dior, Cartier, Chanel ... or spend a romantic afternoon doing shopping  in the Marais, in the chic Rive droite?   
For those who are in the capital of fashion right now or are planning to get there in the future, here a little list of places and stores for a shopping suitable for any budget. One of the best neighborhood to do shopping on the Parisian capital is Marais. The streets are lined with boutiques: vintage, young designers and established couturiers. On Saint Martin canal, you can find Antoine&Lilli,  an alternative tailor/creative workshop with a bohemian-chic mood. 

Antoine et Lili

If you are lover of bohemian style you will find what you’re looking for on stores like Sandro, Manoush, Vanessa Bruno and Maje. On Rue Vielle du Temple, you will find Yukiko 97, a little shop that belongs to a Japanese  girl who moved in Paris because her passion for fashion.
For who, like me, is a lover of vintage and don’t know how to resist to retrò style, Paris is the ideal destination. Walking through Rue du Roi de Sicile and Rue de Verrerie, you can find Mamz.elle Swing and Tokyoide, a concept store that proposes vintage 50’s and 80’s accessories, with creations of young designers. To taste the typical french charme (without spending a fortune), I suggest to you to take a look at Free ‘p’ star, a store with selected used clothes and accessories and Come on Eileen, on Rue de Taillandiers. On Rue de Rosiers there’s Coiffeur Vintage,  a crowed little shop where you can buy coats and trenches  at 30 euros and lovely mini dresses at 10 euros. 

Come on Eileen

Always on Marais, shops to not lose are: Kilwatch, on 64 Rue de Tiquetonne, shop specialized on hippy-chic style that boasts some the most original sneakers of the world; Noir Kennedy: an amazing shop where you can find amazing and original pieces at 10-20-30 euros; Merci: a concept store that also is literary café, bistro and bio meals. On the Cave of ragtime, in Saint Germain at 23 Rue de l’Enchandé, you will find a collection of vintage clothes from 1880 to 1970, to not miss!

For the fashion addicted, the best destinations are the shopping centers as Les Halles, Galleries La Fayette, Madelios, the Champs-Élysées and, of course, the store of Chanel, at Rue Cambon; Jean Paul Gaultier at 6 of Rue Vivienne; Christian Dior, at 30 Avenue Montaigne, just to name a few.
If, instead, you’re looking for vintage pieces of the most important brands, you have to go to Didier Ludot at Jardin du Palais Royal , 20- 24 Galerie Montpensier: he’s a kind of historian of fashion who, in his luxurious boutique has the biggest label:  Dior, Hermés, Balenciag, Yves Saint-Laurent, Givenchy and more…

Didier Ludot

For who, unfortunately, could not afford a so shameless shopping but wants to join some french style shopping, can opt for the characteristic markets as Saint Ouen, where is possible to do great deals. Finally, good news for who wants to make use of innovative services made ​​available to all of us:
On frenchcorner.magix.net,  you can find a personal shopper who, after examining your look, will take you around the shops most suited to your own style;
The site frenchforaday.com, proposes a tour through the shops selling items on sale and prices friendly for your wallet!
In addition, you can claim PARIS VISITS PASS, with which you can receive many discounts and benefits.
Paris is definitely a wonderful city that can surprise you every time. I’ve nothing left to say than…  bon voyage and bon shopping!

P.S. I hope to be helpful! One last tip: try to run through the streets of Paris with this little playlist in the background and tell me what you think! It makes me feel a vrai française! A bientôt!
- Nous non plus: Fille atomique;
- Stephane Huguenin, Yves Sanna, Christian Padovan: Kiss Me My Darling;
- The Plastiscines: Pas avec toi
- Eileen: Ces bottes sont fait pour marcher

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