My blog is CO2 neutral

To all bloggers around the web, the site DoveConviene.it in collaboration with iplantatree.org promotes a very interesting project to protect the environment. Thanks to this environmentalist project, I can finally say that, starting from today, my blog is carbon neutral!

The initiative is called "my blog is CO2 neutral" and its functioning is very simple: the blogger who adheres, declares his intention to demolish the ecological impact of his own site, to return iplantatree.org and DoveConviene.it will plant a tree on an area subjected to reforesting. The benefical effect of this initiative is guaranteed. Every year, in fact, a blog or a web site produce an everage of 7,9 lbs of carbon dioxide; a tree, instead, is able to absord less than 11,09 lbs for year. The membership of bloggers is totally free and the mode of partecipation is very easy.

DoveConviene.it, guarantee of seriousness and professionalism, has always been very close to a conscious use of paper and to preservation of our forests. Thanks to its work, the leaflets of companies and chains of electronic, sport and of hypermarkets with whom it collaborated, are digitized and made available online, in a free and  immediate way, with applications for PC, smartphone iPhone and Android, that offer the chance to find the nearest store, to consult the opening and closing times, including the sunday openings. The site, in fact, wants to discourage the abuse of paper for advertising and contributes to making the cities cleaner.
For those are interested and wanted to join the project, that's the link of the site: http://www.iplantatree.org/project/7</p>

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  1. Hello dear, I'm so glad you're back! You have a wonderful blog! You pursue this noble goal! I fully support you and always will join too.
    I wish you success and prosperity!
    All the best, Elle Kor.

    1. Thank you so much dear! I wish you all the best too!

  2. grazie mille per il tuo commento sul mio blog!Ti seguo volentieri! :)

  3. Nice blog dear :) I'm from POlyvore ( jessicasiwek )and saw your sets, very beautiful :) I have a blog as well ( jessicasiwek.blogspot.com) please checkout :)

  4. wow this is a really good idea!
    good to see you're giving back to the environment :)


    check out the international giveaway on my blog

  5. I love that you are CO2 aware. Thank you for sharing that great link. I'm definitely following, your blog is great!!

    - Ashley Janice


  6. This is a great idea- this link is amazing!!
    Thanks for you lovely comment! I really like your blog- I'll be back to read all your posts!


  7. Aw great! I love anything that environmentally friendly! Good initiative


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