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Flipping through the various fashion magazines and wandering among web sites and fashion blogs, we can see how, more and more often, giants of low cost fashion seek the collaboration of talented artists and established brands: examples are the mini collection that international brands like Lanvin and Marni (just to name a few) have created for the brand of  low cost fashion H&M (I’ve talked about it here).

Now is the turn of Mary Katrantzou, talented greek designer know and appreciated in the world, who has come to her third collaboration with the british multinational of low cost clothing Topshop, to which she has created a capsule collection for S/S 2012, presented during the London fashion week and launched on the brand’s web site, that is going to steal!

The collection is composed by ten pieces with simple shapes, structured mini dresses, tops, shirts, leggings, scarves, long dresses with flowers colored with blue, mimosa yellow, coral red, orange and patterns typical of porcelains that characterize the style of this designer, elected as new star of  the fashion industry

The designer said to be honored for this new collaboration: Topshop «It's very exciting to work with Topshop for our third range together» she said «They've been so supportive of my work from the very beginning and this range will be the most ambitious one we've done and the most fun. My idea behind the collaboration was to design for the Topshop girl a range that is as close to the aesthetic of my mainline as possible, with great control over the quality of design and production. I can't wait to see the Topshop girls in the bowl dresses and for the most daring to see them try the print on print layering!»

Here the pictures of collection. What do you think?

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  1. a little busy for me, but i would love it in just a skirt!


  2. Delicious!!!


  3. beautiful!

  4. i really want the pants! they look awesome!
    Thanks for coming by:D of course we can follow eachother:)

  5. fabulous fashion blog! Thanks for stopping by and I am now following you back :)

  6. Amo ogni pezzo.
    Sono riuscita ad accaparrarmi una maglia. :)
    Sei siciliana anche tu? perchè dal tuo commento sul mio blog mi è sembrato di capire così...generalmente infatti nessuno mi dice "sei di Palermo"...se ne disinteressano tutte, tranne le mie conterranee appunto.

    è molto carino qui, hai gusto.
    Aggiungiamoci su Facebook e avremo modo di parlare di più.
    Noemi Robino
    Un bacio*


    1. Mi fa sempre piacere trovare mie conterranee! Ti aggiungo su fb con molto piacere. Un abbraccio!

  7. I would love to own a few pieces!!

    Kisses from Austria,

  8. Wow, quei vestiti sono davvero fantastici, pieni di fiori e colori, proprio come piacciono a me, alcuni ricordano un po' lo stile di Desigual, vero?:)
    baci, Cami

    1. Si si, anche se forse lo stile di Desigual è un pò più hippy... comunque quella per Topshop è veramente una splendida collezione!

  9. Heavy prints, but I think you can really mix that well..


  10. Love the collection, you have a nce blog.

    follow you now :)



  11. Love the different pattern. The blue trousers are amazing!


  12. Truly nice home. Personally I like it. Thank you for sharing with us.
    nealcaffrey and Antoine L


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