Art and expression: Keith Haring

When I think to relationship between art and fashion, I can't help but think of the artistic movements that more than any others has made itself available to fashion world, in all its facets. I'm talking about pop art and graphism and about one of its great exponents: the whimsical and original Keith Haring.

"It has become increasingly clear to me that art it's not an elitist activity reserved for the appreciation of a few, but for everyone, and that is the end toward which I will continue to work".

Leading exponent of hte graphism style, he has emerged from the New York's art scene during the eighties and his works have been during those decades, the symbole of the street culture of the New York of that period.
The popularity of Haring began in 1978 with the creation of increasingly frequent graffiti on the walls of the city and in subway stations and his creations are highly valued by people (especially among younger people) so much that many of them stole and sold his works to museums and art dealers few minutes after their completion. Furthermore that of graffiti designer is an illegal profession and Haring is arrested several times.
His graffiti are populated by stylized anthropomorphic forms that Haring called Radiant Boys sorrounded by rays of light that create a kind of halo around their bodies which co-exist in the primitive and the paranoia of man in a graphic universe, however, very ironicbut in the balance between optimism and anxiety of existence.
Since then he moves around the world: Tokyo, then Berlin, Paris and Tokyo again (where he opened two Pop Stores). After contracting HIV he creates the Keith Haring Foundation in favor to children sick of AIDS. Shortly after, 16th february 1990 he dies at the age of 31 years old, leaving a void in the owrld of art and beyond.

His graffiti made him famous all over the world. Today we can see his works almost everywhere, from copybook to souvenirs, from prints to design objects and sometimes even on clothes. Is an example the great shoes collection signed by Nicholas Kirkwood, or also the series of dresses, swimsuits and t-shirts appeared on several low-cost clothing chains as Zara and OVS. Other collections are Patricia Field's and Joyrich's ones. Colored, creative and never trivial Haring's art is a continous source of inspiration. So, that's a little gallery where I selected some objects you can find on sale and that the more passionate can't let get them away!
In particular, I suggest to you to take a look to OVS stores, where even this year is available a t-shirt collection dedicated to him... I took advantage last year, buying a t-shirt two sizes larger than to wear it with leggings and a pair of Converse for a more casual and sporty look.


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