Fashion icon of the month: Clemence Poésy

The fashion icon that I choose for this month is french actress Clemence Poésy: graceful, blonde, ethereal with innocent look that seduces. The classic girl next door.

Her apparence of soap and water girl and her innate class, took her to became the face of Chloé for the campaign of the homonym fragrance and to get the role of Fleur Delacour on the film adaptation of Harry Potter's saga, that made her know by public, of Chloé in the movie In  Bruges or  Eva Coupeau in the glamurous tv show Gossip Girl. She also is the new face of brand G-Star Raw.
Chloé perfume
G-Star Raw campaign s/s 2012
I don't know if is her attitude, always posed and classy, shy and reserved, or her natural pout to make me like her so much, anyway I choose her bacause of her style: simple and chic. Ambassador of timeless charm, she's a regular of Paris Fashion Week and, in particular, of Chanel's fashion shows, which she's the emblem. Karl Lagerfeld, in fact, has appointed her as ambassadore of brand Chanel around the world. 

Clemence Poésy at Chanel Fashion Shows
Clemence is the perfect example of that typically french style, impossible to imitate. She knows exactly how to mix basic pieces with other, more elaborated, approaching soft clothes to boyfriend accessories. The result is always unique, unexpected and suitable for day and for night. On the street as on red carpet, Clemence is always sophisticated and and trés chic. Here some examples of her style:

What do you think? Does she deserve the title of fashion icon?

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  1. definetly she´s goregous and stylish!

    just started following you, would love if you´d follow back :)

    xx mimi


  2. wow! nice post!!



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