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Oh, that's a part that I particulary love of being a fashion blogger. As every month, returns my little space dedicated to shopping around the world. I love traveling so bad, visiting always new places, new cultures, new styles and, of course, finding new places where do shopping! And nothing makes me happier than share my experiences with everyone. That's why I love this heading so much!
Anyway, the city that I chose this month is Berlin: an amazing city where past and future, history and innovation co-exist perfectly.It's really worthwhile to visit the city for art and culture, but also for the air (the famous "Berliner luft") and, not forget, fashion!

It doesn't matter what is the state of your finances: under Berlin's sun, there's always something to buy for all budgets. Each district will offer you its own peculiarities, with quirky shops and amazing markets!


Kurfurstendamm Strass (the Berlin's answer to french Champs Elysées) is the heart of Berlin shopping. Here you will find stores of every types: from H/M to Chanel. It's also full of great  departement stores. Mitte, the most lively and creative district of Berlinwith its restaurants, bars and nightclubs, is another interesting district of fashion. In particual, in Hackescher Hofe area there's a mixture of boutiques, international chains (H/M, Adidas etc.) and store of emerging and/or alternative brands. Prevenzauler Bergle: you will find a lot of trendy boutiques made in Berlin in there.
If you're looking for a vintage low cost shopping, I suggest you to visit Kreuzberg district (where you will find second-hand and vintage clothes) and stores as Garage (Ahornstraße, 2): it sales  researched and second-hand vintage clothing. The highly original characteristic of this shop is that the goods is sold by weight: a kilogram of clothes at 13.99 euros. The "Happy hour" every wednesday from 11 am to 13 pm: a kilogram of clothes is just 9.99 euros!  
Tausche (Raumerstrasse, 8): a store that sales very particular berlin bags. Ideal for all lovers of sporty and colored shoulder bags. Veb Orange (Danzinger Strasse, 2): here you will find always particular vintage goods. I suggest you to go on sunday, after visiting the stalls of Mauerpark Market. Humana and Colors: you will find vintage clothing and accessories, 70's and 80's. Schoenhauser - Design.de (Neue Schoenhauer Strasse, 18): non exactly low cost items but with effordable prices. Here you can find the famous Freitag bags. In the same street you will find several stores clothing shops and concept stores.

Veb orange

For your alternative shopping I suggest you Big Brobot (Kopernikusstr, 19): they are specialist of street style. There you will find books, clothing, accessories and more. Nix (Oranienburger Strasse, 32): affordable prices for very original but super wereable clothes. Hackesche Hofe: the famous district where you can find original clothing, result of the creativity of berlin designers. Eisdieler (Kastanienallee, 12): a cooperative of 5 people that is known in the berlin fashion world and creates amazing garments as t-shirts, pants, sweaters, dresses but also jewels, shoes, bags and other accessories. Berlinomat and Friedrichshain are the heart of urban street wear. 

Nix Design

If you're looking for accessories I suggest you Blackdoorbeauty (Kopernikusstraße, 7a): this shop sales earrings of every types: colored, fun and always original. Schoneberg: if you're looking for ethnical costume jewerly.

If you have the chance to do a more expensive shopping you can't not go to Tatcher: it's a timeless boutique. The collections are always feminine, elegant and custom - made. Miroike: two berlin designers who studied at Vivienne Westwood and produce particular garments, and amazing bags... To see! Adenauer Platz: in nineteenth - century buildings there are exclusive world - renowned boutiques. In Friedrichstrasse the shopping has a new yorker taste: retro style buildings, sophisticated cafes... it's one of the biggest shopping center of the city. Charlottenburg: you will find the biggest brands of the world. In the streets of Bleibtreustrasse go to Gallery Schrill (Bleibtreustraße, 48) for vintage accessories. 

We can't not to mention the department stores. KaDeWe (Tuentzienstr, 21/24): "If we don't have it, it doesn't exist", this is the motto of this department store that sells practically everything. Potsdamer Platz Arkaden (Potsdamer Strasse, 7): this department store sells the biggest low cost chains as Mango, Espirit and H/M. Q205 - Q206 Lafayette (Friedrichstraße, 78): the french expensive taste is alive even in Berlin!
Least but not last there are so many great markets in Berlin as Strabe des 17. Juni: famous flea market that offers original objects and great deals. Floh Markt Arkonaplatz: flea market where you can find vintage cothes, accessories and design items, 60's and 70's.

I hope this little tips list will be helpful. I wish you gute Einkaufsmöglichkeiten! See you next month with I love shopping in Amsterdam!

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  1. Sarebbe bello visitarla e fare shopping!^^ Un bacio e buona domenica!!

  2. excellent posts! I love these "shopping around the world" posts.


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