Rio Fashion Week 2012

Brazil, in this period, is showings an economic and creative liveliness, to make evryone jelous. A proof of that was the last Fashion week, a true surprise on fashion world and helded in Rio de Janeiro from May 22 to May 26. Such a rich fashion that nedeed to undouble in two events: Rio Fashion Week and Sao Paulo Fashion Week, from June 11 to June 16.

With these two events, officially starts the new cycle of female fashion weeks, that will continue in the main capitals of fashion: New York, London, Milan and Paris.
I don't know if it's because of the beauty of Rio, but I really liked the collections presented. In my opinion, these are the best collection seen on Rio Fashion Week 2012.

 A crackling anniversary for the brand that celebrates its first ten years fo activity with a collection inspired by a folk festival set in a tropical garden. Colored, geometric, floral or patchwork prints animate the clothes, made with 100% natural materials: silk and cotton.

Soft and light in shapes and fabrics, the collection is inspired by Monet's paints. Highlights: transparences and pastel colors like lilac, cream and mint. Ethereal volumes emphasized by delicate fabrics like chiffon, silk, georgette and tulle. All this for a delicate and romantic woman who doesn't want to give up to refined elegance.

A fresh and playful style for the collection proposed by the brand. Swimsuit, 30's/40's style, with improbable velvet inserts. Denim dresses with red beret, that remind Pinocchio, bright and metallic colors. Finale touch: PVC, leather and rope accessories in tune with with the nautical inspiration of the collection.

Inspired by Marrakesh, the collection is bright in brocade and damask fabrics, in colors and shapes. There are a patchwork of fabrics, becoming true art works.

The collection is inspired by Brazil and carioca style as you can see on swimsuits prints that show fruits and flowers. Pop atmosphere on clothes, acid colors: from pink to yellow and green. Great accessories with plastic inserts and metallic PVC maxi bags. 

The brand celebrates its 30th anniversary of activity with "fun". The collection is a mix of brazilian, african and japanese prints. the colors are acid and bright, the accessorires are enriched by vichy bows and ruffles, meanwhile fabrics, like lycra, show fruit themes (pineapple).

A 50's style collection proposed by the brand with wrap dresses and flared skirts accessorized with maxi accessories with big colored gems. Go with bright colors, like orange, green in solid color on soft silk stratums. 

 A tribute to Italy and, in particular, Neples with nautical atmospheres and table cloth recalls. All this is enriched by gold inserts and pearls. Luxury and simplicity live together in well done collection. 

Pic-nic chic collection inspired by Portugal: floral and fruit prints, dresses with vichy prints and soft colors: from lilac to yellow.

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