Fashion trends 2012: Romantic style

Talking about trens for spring/summer season (that seems to be approaching timidly), which one I'll talk about in this post is Romantic Style. A stlyle that is more a way to be, that knows no time or season, suitable in every occasion.

Almost two weeks ago, taking advantage of few days of vacation, I went to visit my grandparents after months... By chance, I found my grandold trunk full of her old clothes and photos... I watched them for hours. She seemed so far away to me... carefree and smiling, discreet and feminine with a truly unique style!

Trying her clothes I felt like I did a step back in time! It's amazing to see how those same clothes and style are so current today! Laces, ruffles, floral prints, bows, ribbons... the perfect translation of that romantic style, so ladylike, that enchants us for generations, proposed for this s/s season and that brands like Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren e Valentino celebrated in great style. 

Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Dolce e Gabbana s/s 2012

Chanel, Zac Posen, Valentino s/s 2012

Luisa Beccaria, Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani s/s 2012

Ann-Sofie Back Ateljie, Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen s/s 2012

Highlights of this style are: a little vintage allure, lace pieces, soft colors, fluis shapes, soft blouses, flared skirts, girly shoes, hedbands and bows.

Romantic hairstyle
Romantic style - miumiu's polyvore

I like this style so much! It's so delicate, so feminine, so romantic! And it gives us the chance to stock up in our grandma's closet! However, how to resist the gentle touch of soft lace or the sweetness of a chantilly dress? But be careful how you create your outfit, the risk "Cotillion Ball" is round the corner!

So Allure s/s 2012
Salvatore Ferragamo - "Signorina"
Christian Dior - "Miss Dior Chérie"
Romantic style

In my opinion, these are some options to reinterpret the romantic style in contemporary way:

Romantic style - miumiu's polyvore

Romantic style #2 - miumiu's polyvore

Romantic style #3 - Ladyfairy's polyvore

Romantic style #4 - Ladyfairy's polyvore

Romantic style #5 - Ladyfairy's polyvore

This style is so sweet... Among the proposals of various brands, I chose  some low cost ones as Bershka, PullandBear, Stradivarius, Maison Espin and Promod. My personal suggest is  darlingclothes for your romantic purchases. Here the galley...

What do you think about? Do you feel romantic too?

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  1. This post is just so lovely and sweet!
    Jillian @ Epic Thread

  2. I am not a fan of romantic style since I like edgier stuff but the story with your granma´s trunk is so cool!!


  3. Ciao, io impazzisco per lo stile romantico!!!!! :)))))


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