Fashion Icon of the month: Tennessee Thomas

To the list of fashion icons already present, this month is added Tennessee Thomas, the 28 years old British-born America musician and actress.

For those who don't know her yet, she is the drummer and founding member of the alternative rock band "The Like" (I suggest you to listen their song... they're pretty cool!), daughter of Pete Thomas (drummer for "Elvis Costello and the attraction") , former girlfriend of the english music producer Mark Ronson and best friend of Alexa Chung.

Alexa Chung and Tennessee Thomas
The Like

Beyond her music talent she has a great sense of style: many people call her "the 60's It-girl born in the wrong decade" bacuse of her style, little quirky, vintage, inspired by 60's.
I definetely love her style: is lively but romantic, colorful but not exaggerated, vintage but contemporary. Is a mix of granny's and Lolita's style that everyone would have in their closet.
Creating her outfits, she mixes perfectly hip clothes with vintage ones, girly and boyfriend accessories, safely and without efforts, looking always chic!

Tennessee Thomas for Bass shoes loves Rachel Antonoff

She's a great passionate of polka dot prints, oxford style shoes and white collars (in an interview with Elle UK, she said she has too much "small black dresses with white collars" in her closet. How to give her wrong? They're so cute! Who can resist them?) that she shows off in many of her outfits. Two of her favourite outfits are: "oversized black Legacy overalls, frilly socks and saddle shoes", or "vintage white cotton puouf dress with puffy sleeves that look like chef hats". What I particularly like about her is the fact that she doesn't take herself and the way she wears too seriously, and she has fun to play with fashion creating always new combos of textures, shapes and accessories. The risult? Absolutely cool!

Strenghts of her style are:
  • Vintage mood: she loves vintage and she takes inspiration by books and movies from Sixities;
  • Gilry clothes: small dresses, flared skirts, soft blouses;
  • Collars: she loves them so much.  She wears them almost every time;
  • Tights: of evry color, preferable OTK socks;
  • Flats shoes: oxford style, perfect for every occasion, she wears them everyday;
  • Prints: polka dot, but also floral, striped etc...
  • Mix: key word of her personal style. She mixes polka dot prints with striped ones, girly clothes and boyfriend accessories...
  • Creativity: Tennessee is always creative and original. That's why she doesn't follow fashion, she creates her own one.
Every day or on red carpet, Tennessee's style is always amazing: lively, palyful, coloruful and feminine passing easly from romantic mood to casual style.

What do you think about this Dollybird? Do you like her style as much as I do?

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  1. OMG I didn't know her....now I love her!!P.S outfits are amazing..

  2. Grazie per essere passata a trovarmi.
    Ti seguo ;)

  3. Hey, I gladly tell you that I restarted my blog and I saw that you followed it earlier. Unfortunately I lost all of my followers now and I'd appreciate it a lot if you followed me again. Check out my "new" blog and feel free to follow me if you like it. I follow you back of course.

    xx BBella


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