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Art and expression: Flash for Zonzon

For the monthly heading Art and expressions, this month I want to talk to you about an amazing fashion illustrator that I discovered few months ago on internet. I'm talking about Sanna Pyykko, 44 years old, a woman like many others, but with a very big talent, in my opinion. 

It was a pleasure to "interview" her, she was immediately nice and available and I'm glad to give her a little space on my blog. As well as grafic designer she is also a talented illustrator, costumist and fashion designer. In the Nineties she created a little collection of unique pieces. To pursue her love for fashion she decided to create Flash For Zonzon, her personal blog that became now her main hobby "I love drawing and in my blog I can play with that in different ways. I can freely experiment with different drawing tools and have fun!". 

I asked to describe her blog and she said: "Flash For Zonzon is about fashion, style, people seen in streets, interesting surroundings, patterns and more. I am photographing people and things with my mind's eye. Later on I draw them. Beside streets my drawings subjects come from the internet and magazines. Zonzon is also an alias for Sanna Pyykko".

 Grafic designer by profession, she's actually focused on different fields: work, family and always new and original contents for her blog. 
When I asked her where she gets her inspiration, she said: "My inspiration comes from walking in the streets and making observations of people, surroundings and things. I don't chase inspiration. I just tune in to watching my surroundings and let my mind take care of the rest. Since I started drawing after a break of several years and also started blogging at the same time, everyday life has become more vivid to me. There is a chance to see something interesting anytime".  I also asked her what is her relationship with art and she said that it's really important to her and she's glad to have done some studies in art history - "I know where to dig, if I need something!" - but nature is also a great source of inspiration for her that hepls her with her works.

Following ther motto "Don't worry, be happy", she suggests to have fun and live drawing as a pleasure and delight.  Here, a selection with some of her works. Judge for yourself. I enjoyed to find more about her. If you are interested too, visit http://www.flashforzonzon.blogspot.com and support her on bloglovin and pinterest. 

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  1. Amazing illustration work! Loved it. ;)

    xoxo D. from http://spikesandstuds.blogspot.com

  2. The Other Sanna16/08/12, 19:31

    Very nice!

  3. Love her work.. And I also like her attitude. I totally agree with her about getting inspiration. just keep your eyes open and you are able to get inspired everywhere.


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