Stockholm Fashion Week 2012

Is just ended the Stockholm Fashion Week 2012, helded from 27th to 29th august. An event that confirmed, if it was necessary, that Sweden is one of the counties that made fashion one of their strenghts.

The event has been presented at the Stora Salongen Berns by the crown princess Victoria and is ended with two other events of glamour: an Haute Couture fashion show which was attended by many important swedish fashion designers, and a fashion night in collaboration with the stores Bibliotekstan and Sturegallerian, open to public.

Princess Victoria officially presented Stockholm Fashion Week
I have to say that I was nicely surprised by the collections presented: contrary to what you might think, as other countries, Sweden knows well how to intepret european style that is not only fresh, young and innovative but also elegant and classy. Among collections presented, these are the ones that I liked the most:


Soft chiffon and lace clothes embellished with feather and crystal inserts wrap softly the body. A romantic and elegant collection, perfect for a feminine and refined, graceful and slender silhouette, dedicated to the most romantic of dreamers. I don't know what is your opinion, but I think this collection is a perfect summary between the style of Valentino and Elie Saab. I like it!


It seems a living pink fairytale the collection proposed by Ida Sjostedt for s/s 2013. Soft and wide dresses that seem clouds made of cotton candy, embellished by romantic laces and elegnat embroidery. Everything is made more young and fresh by a game of contrasts and transparences, dedicated to all the modern princesses who are still waiting for their prince charming. 


A minimal mood with some touches of embroidery prints for an urban chic style, perfect for daywear and tought for the lovers of a simple elegance and comfy garments.


How to be glamour without efforts and frippery? You might ask to Filippa K who, for the next s/s season, proposes a simple style and linear cuts, using versatile fabrics  like cotton.


As similar as the previous style, Atewai Saome, proposes a very cute collection, with simple shapes and pallet of colors played on basic and other more lively colors.


A young spirit full of color for this collection inspired by sporty style with linear cuts and basic shapes that reflect perfectly the Occidental and eurpean style.


A bon ton and elegant collection inspired by a classic movie like Breakfast at Tiffany's. Elegant, feminine and delicate, this collection is dedicated to the young women who don't give up to elegance and aspire to be a modern Jackie O.


Key words of this collection: simplicity and elegance. Soft and versatile fabrics as cotton dominate on dresses, blouses and pants for a comfortable and easy look suitable to everyone.


Elegant and refined, the collection wants to axalt the femininity and the sophistication of the female figure. A slender, delicate and ethereal silhouette, caressed by soft fabrics like chifon and silk.


An urban chic mood for a collection with a triple soul: colorfull and lively the first, ladylike and soft the second one and more rock the last one that lives trough the leather of dresses and jacket and the accessories.


Femininity, simplicity and elegance. These three concepts are the red thread of the collection. Soft silk shirts matched with pants with a simple cut, shirt dresses that caress softly the body and games of trasparences, are the key elements.


Sporty style proposed on tops, skirts, pants and dresses. This is the answer of the brand to the request of a comfy, practical and chic fashion.

If you want to know more about Stockholm Fashion Week 2012, visit the official web site (http://www.mbfw.se/). You can also visit the facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/mbfwstockholm?ref=ts) or the twitter profile (https://twitter.com/mbfwstockholm).

What do you think about?

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  1. This is a very complete information, as always.
    I love Lindeberg. I am more the urban type.

  2. Great shows! I didn't know any of them, great to know more.

    Have a great weekend,
    Manu Luize.

  3. Wish I could be there. Fashion Weeks are so exciting :)

  4. looks so much fun! ugh! what a great dresses and gowns!! kudos to the designers!! by the way, thanks for sharing this post! very interesting, i very much enjoy reading!!
    greetings from ヽ(^。^)ノ


    ヽ(●^o^●)ノ Cup of Pink Tea ♥♥♥


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