Carine Roitfeld for MAC

The binomial fashion/make up, you know, is tested from immemorial time, but it never has been more fashionable than that. The journalist as well as ex chief editor of Vogue France (from 2001 to 2011), future editor of her own magazine CR Fashion Book (which I talked about here) and true institution of fashion world, Carine Roitfeld, signed a limited edition collection for the famous make up brand of thousand collections: MAC.

Carine Roitfeld for MAC
Carine Roitfeld's make up collection

This special collection will be released the next fall and it will be composed by eyeshadows, lipsticks and mascaras based on a pallet of dark colors, perfect for the smoky eyes that she loves so much. She will care averything about it: from packaging to colors, from the name to the advertising campaign, realized by the photographer Mario Sorrenti, of which we have this little preview.

What do you think?

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  1. non vedo l'ora di vederla! un bacio cara!:*

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    Awesome post!

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