Vogue's FNO 2012 - Save the dates

September is coming and, how all fashionistas know, is the period of Vogue's Fashion Night Out, celebrated in all 19 countries that have their own version of Vogue Magazine

This year, the FNO is bigger than ever and, how did Vogue USA last year, other countries, like Italy, Germany, Russia, Mexico and Brazil, decided to extend the event to other more cities at the same time.
Here, the dates to follow these event and don't miss them:

- 06/09: Great Britain (London), USA (New York), Italy (Milan), Germany (Berlin), France (Paris), Spain (Madrid), Russia (Moscow), Mexico (Mexico City), Australia (Sydney), South Korea (Seoul);

- 07/09: China (Hong Kong), India (New Delhi), Germany (Dusseldorf), Russia (St. Petersburg);

- 08/09: Taiwan (Taipei and Kaohsiung) and Japan (Tokyo);

- 10/09 and 12/09: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro);

- 13/09: Portugal (Lisbon), Italy (Rome), Turkey (Ankara), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Mexico (Guadalajara);

- 18/09: Italy (Florence);

- 20/09 and 25/09: Greece (Thessaloniki and Athens).

Vogue's editors

I super excited, so many events in so many cities... And you? Are you ready for VFNO?
Good shopping to everyone!

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