I love shopping around the world: Saint Tropez

Hello everyone! Although late, even this month is back the space dedicated to shopping around the world. This time is the turn of the amazing Saint Tropez, one of the most beautiful and stylish holiday destinations in the world, in the heart of French Riviera.

Just taking a look to the alleys, you can find the atmospheres and the glamour of the great 50's, of holliwood stars who spent their vacations there, of the artists like Picasso stationed in the city, of the amazing Brigitte Bardot and paparazzi... I've been there with my friends for a weekend few years go, and it really was an unforgettable experience.
Today like yesterday, Saint Tropez is still one of the coolest place in the world, famous, in particular, for its nightlife. But what they maybe don't know is that, from little stores in the alleys to the shabby chic boutiques on the beach, here you have the chance to do a super shopping! As  other cities, here you'll find the flagship stores of the biggest brands in fashion world like Chanel (located, for the second year, in the amazing location of the La Mistralee Hotel), Gucci, Dior, Vanessa Bruno, etc...

Chanel at Hotel La Mistralee - St. Tropez
Start your shopping tour from Place De la Garonne: once there obligatory stops iare of course, Gas Bijoux, where you'll find colorful necklaces, earrings and bracelets, in perfect harmony with the mood of the place and  Manoush (28, Rue FranBois Sibilli), eccentric clothing brand famous in the entire France. Going through the port you'll find Zadige & Voltaire (11, Place de la Garonne): you're not a true tourist if you don't buy a cardigan for your glamour nights... Near here you can find in the cavern of Ali Babà: the historical store Bla Bla (Place de la Garonne), loved by teen-agers, where you can find clothes and accessories by 50 brands (like Zazo, Juliet Dunn and Mes Demoiselles) that the owner Izabel buy in countries like Pakistan, France, England, America and Northern Europe, a bazaar where is possible to find always new styles and brands.

Gas Bijoux - St. Tropez
Manoush - St. Tropez

Other place to visit is Rue Gambetta: here I suggest to take a look to ERES (2, Rue Gambetta), classic brand of  chic beachwear; Kiwi (34, Rue Allard), where you can buy a stylish bikini and match it with a embroidered kaftan by Agagoa (Rue Gambetta), french underwear brand. Continuing along Rue Gambetta you can't not to visit the store of Alberto Moretti Arfango (35, Rue Gambetta): here you can choose among the famous moccasins or the sexy python heels. And, if you like bermuda shorts, pay a visit to Be shorts (Rue Gambetta): a store that sells only pants (long or short, colored or not). Another store to see is, of course, THE BOX (2, Rue de la Citadelle), where you can find clutches by Corto Moltedo, cachemire sweater with neon inserts by Je m'en fous, the glasses by Kris Van Assche and the classics by Borsalino. 

Bla Bla - St. Tropez
ERES - St. Tropez

I also suggest you to check out Au Soleil de Saint - Tropez (1, Rue CommerBants), if you like the gipsy mood typical of St Tropez, and go through Rue de la Ponche. Once there, is required a visit to Hermès (Place George Grammont), go to Castaner (20, Rue Henri Seillon): the store is famous for the rope sandals that remind the shoes worn by Brigitte Bradot. And if you want to look like her, go to Rondini (16, Rue Georges Clémenceau): here you'll find the shoes worn by BB and the It-Girls of that time. Now you can't not visit K. Jacques (25, Rue Allard): here you can buy the famous "spartiates" sandals and customize them, choosing materials and embroidery: of course prices are not friendly (they start from 155 euros for a pair) but, believe me, they're totally worth it!

Rondini - St. Tropez
K. Jacques - St. Tropez

Another center of shopping is Place de Lices: here you'll find some of the prettiest  (and expensive) boutiques of the city. But don't be discouraged! On tuesday and saturday, there's a market suitable to all pockets: in fact is possible to buy bags and shirt for 15 euros or less. I recommend to you to buy the colorful baskets and the espadrillas... 

Place de Lices Market - St. Tropez

Now you're ready to go on the beach... There I suggest you to visit stores like Nioulargo, a mini boutique the original silk dresses by Poupette and Club 55 (Plage de Pampelonne), where you can find  vintage scarves, pillows and bracelets: to not miss!

As always I hope that this my little "guide" has been helpful! See you next month!

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  1. Beautiful place and beautiful shops... ^_^

  2. Avrei una gran voglia di andarci ora!:) Un bacio e buon venerdì mia cara!

  3. Grazie mille per esser passata da me!
    ti seguo con piacere come lettrice fissa e su facebook!

  4. I might visit St. Tropez next year so thank you for the post.


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