Milan Fashion Week 2012

Today ends the Milan Fashion Week 2012, one of the most important events in fashion world and, even if the collection presented were pretty nice, I have to admit only few of them really impressed me. Everything was already seen, I didn't find a lot of innovation but, in general, it has been pleasant.

Among different styles and collection presented, these are the ones that, personally, I liked the most:

Soft and elegant, the collection gives to women who wear it a romantic and sophisticated allure. Following the concept of lightness as liet motiv of the collection the designer uses soft and delicate fabrics like organza, tulle and silk enriched by crystal and pearl inserts and lace, based on pallet of colors that go from ivory to blue, to black. "I was feeling the need to design a collection of dresses in which women could move light and floating as if there was an absence of gravity yet being strong", said Alberta Ferretta after the show". Mission accomplished!

A nice show for the brand that has always been a guarantee of class and elegance. Shapes and volumes are well balanced between feminine silhouette  with strong details and classic must-have sweetened by ruffles and illuminated by gold touches or by floating and sophisticated feathers.

A feminine and practical collection, with linear and clean shapes sweetened by floral prints and neutral colors that, step by step, leave place to the timeless black that makes the dresses more sensual.

All the seductive strenght of animal print made more delicate by the discrete and  feminine elegance by the transparences and by laces that give a romantic touch to the collection that evolves, during the show, in amore hippy chic style, made more glamour and modern by the swarovsky and sparkle inserts.

Another time the designers find a great inspiration  into the sicilian folk traditions. Puppets, carts and ceramics insire the prints of the clothes with fun, energy and color that remind me the spectacular scenery of the folk festivals of a Sicily kissed by the sun.

For this collection Anna Molinari imagine an elven woman, who loves the simplicity and the softness of fabrics like lace and voile, the prints inspired by nature, based on pastel colors, and the elegance of black for the night, made more sensual by games of transparences on the dresses.

During the show the collection undergoes an evolution: from a girlish style, made by lively and other acid colors matched each other with a fun mix and match of fabrics and prints, to a more mature and sexy spirit with deep necklines and sensual transparences.

This collection, signed by Peter Dundas for Emilio Pucci, is inpired by the suggestive atmospheres of Indo-China. The party-girl proposed by the brand is sensual and elegant, with a glamour and oriental allure.

This collection seems to come out from the great 60's, the years of Twiggy and the revolution of the mini skirt. So, go with the classic bicolor suits with lively colors like apple green and pink, made more frizzy by metallic fabrics of skirts and pockets. A very cute collection, so funny and colorful.

In this collection king Giorgio proposes the minimal style and the rigour typical of 90's. So go with tailleurs and shorts with male cuts matched with flat shoes, to confirm a serious and rigorous look. But the woman imagine by Armani, at night shows off all her seductive power with metallic shorts and mini skirts keeping that look masculine that creates a stylish contrast.

Another nice collection ofr the brand that, this time, presents a fabulous collection ispired by the atmospheres of China that materialize in the prints of the clothes. Among floral prints, there also are butterlfies, parrots and flamingos that complete the language of the collection.

This year the brand celebrate the meeting between modernity and craft, crowned by the traditional handmade, trademark of the brand Fendi. For s/s 2013 Karl Lagerfeld proposed a collection inspired by the mix and match of materials, shapes and colors, with references to 60's.

The woman proposed by the brand  is romantic and refined, almost ethereal, wrapped by the softness of fabrics like lace, linen and silk and by games of volumes and decorations. The soft and clean shapes emphasize softly the silhouette and give an grace and elegance.

A minimal style, simple, clean and elegant in shapes and colors, made more sexy by the adding of animal prints and a sensual game of transparences and lenghts.

The travel is the inspiring theme of the collection. The designer Alessia Giacobino mixes customs, traditions, colors and materials of different cultures. The result is a style, perfect for daywear, glamour and chic, wereable even at night thank to sequin inserts and sensual veils.

For this collection the designer reinterpret the 50's style and shapes in rock version, played on contrast of materials, like leather/silk, and the adding of feather details or geometric prints.

Delicate, romantic and elegant in its simplicity the collection plays with floral prints, soft fabrics like chiffon, sensual transparences and soft and floating shapes. Another strenght of the collection is the pallet of neutral colors interspresed with other warm ones.

The inspiring theme of this collection is gipsy chic style, made by laces and prints, soft fabrics and maxi and mini lenghts.

The s/s collection is called "Minerals" and is inspired by the earth and its energies. Simple and clean shapes and basic colors give to the collection a refined and elegant effect.

This collection is a true explosion of colors, feminine and lively even in the hourglass and roundish shapes. Delicate and light fabrics, like silk and organza, and pastel colors that go from white to cream, from peach to turquoise, make everything more chic. 

A relaxed and practical collection, with long t-shirts and t-shirt dresses, but, at the same time, glamour and elegant thanks to silicone and lace inserts.

The woman proposed by Paola Frani for s/s 2013 has an exotic, colorful and feminine look, realized with fabrics like silk made more lively by prints and different combos. 

Pattern power: is the key concept of this femininine and sexy collection, made more seductive by the leather matched with lace and mini lenghts.

A romantic collection inspired by the heart's contraddictions with a dark spirit, like a modern Madama Butterfly who chooses oriental shapes like kimono sleeves and origami cuts.

Laces and prints are the main elements of this collection, delicate and sexy at the same time. Leather, necklines and sparkle effects are other distinctive characteristics.

It's a basic but glamorous collection, simple and elegant, made sexy by the wise use of metallic materials and leather.

This feminine and sensual collection, shows off references to the California's beauties  of 70's and characters like Farrah Fawcett with dresses that emphasize the curves, inspired by lingerie and safary style, like a modern and sexy Charlie's Angel.

And you? What is your favourite collections?

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  1. Bellissimi i vestiti di Alviero Martini *.*

  2. mi piacerebbe molto poter vedere delle sfilate come queste!la moda mi affascina!

  3. Paola Frani mi piace molto.
    grazie per essere passata dal mio blog e per averlo apprezzato :)
    io già di seguivo da un pò :)

  4. Amazing photos, Prada is just perfect! I really like your blog by the way, followed you on bloglovin, maybe follow me back?


  5. è stata una settimana ricca di collezioni stupende!! bel post cara, un bacio!

  6. Gosh, some of the collections are just divine e.g. John Richmond and Gianfranco Ferré.

  7. Quante belle collezioni!!!Quanto mi piacerebbe assistere a queste sfilate:)

  8. Great review and I haven't seen Milan one yet. so thanks for sharing! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  9. Love the Paola Frani collections.Those colors are to die for!!!



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