Aurora Fashion Week 2012

It has just ended, last October 20, the Aurora Fashion Week Russia 2012 (October 15 - 20), one of the most interesting events in the busy schedule of international fashion weeks. Come in its sixth edition, the event hosted, from the beginning, the biggest names of fashion scene like Custo Barcelona, Thom Browne, Costume National, David Koma and, just during this fashion week, Alessandro Dell'Acqua who presented here his menswear collection. But the main goal of this event is to promote and support the young and talented emerging russian designers.

Interspresed by other interesting musical and artistic events, this year the AFWR has seen on catwalk some of the biggest name of russian fashion scene like Igor Gulyaev, Leonid Alexeev and other ones, who presented their collections for the S/S 2013. Among the several collections presented, these are, in my opinion, the best ones.

This is one of my favourite shows of AFWR. This collection is so delicate and soft, elegant and classy. The clothes, realized in soft chiffon and organza, based on pallet of neutral colors like beige and pink, caress the gently the body, giving a grace and sophisticated look.

Inspired by urban style, this collection is easy and pretty. Blazers, shirts and shorts are the highlights. Comfortable and practical, is perfect for the young women who face the urban jungle with style and confidence.

The collection reflects perfectly the style of the brand. Oversized shapes, the asymmetrical lenghts  and the floral print, give to it a girlish allure making it so nice to watch.

This is my favourite show of the AFWR. The collection is so lovely: ladylike, delicate and sophisticated. It also is very close to my personal style. I adore the use of chiffon and silk, they wrap the body as a soft caress.

The s/s collection by Leonid Alexeev is very nice. Cocoon and little oversize shapes signed the body giving a lively touch to the complex.

A funny and colorful collection presented for s/s 2013. Inspired by circus, it also shows off a lovely retro touch. Polka dot, striped and rhomboidal prints that give almost a "clochard" look.

Refined, sophisticated and classy. These three words can perfectly describe the s/s collection by Portfolio Finland. Flared skirt, bolero jackets and lovely blouses are the main pieces. Dedicated for the modern and elegant young women.

What do you think?

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  1. Hello. The last one, Portfolio Finland is actually a collection that includes four Finnish brands; SAMUJI, LEPOKORPI, R/H and Ensæmble. Every one of them worth checking more closely. I highly recommend as a Finn myself.

  2. I love how the ADDY VAN KROMMENACKER collection looks! So pretty and girly....I'd just love to wear one of their gowns! =)

  3. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!Bellissime collezioni!! Specialmente la prima!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. I´ve been years dreamed with a visit to this amazing city...I continue but looking at your pics I have enjoyed a lot.


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