Paris Fashion Week 2012

Is ended yesterday the Paris Fashion Week 2012 that, with NYFW, LFW and MFW, has always been considered one of the most important events of international fashion. During this week, we've seen a mix of designers, styles, journalists and other people more or less tied to fashion world. 

As always there have been collections that I liked more and other that I liked less but, honestly, in spite of other years, this time I have to say that I aspected something more. In many shows, despite there were beautiful collections, I didn't find that particular originality that characterizes french fashion. Anyway, among collections presented, these are the ones that I enjoyed more.

The s/s collection 2013 by AF Vandervorst is really sumptuos. A collection with a rock 'n roll soul enriched by suggestive baroque atmospheres that are perfectly mixed with a touch of jazz inspiration, for which are used materials like leather, brocade, wool, silk and cotton.

Simple lines and a clean style characterize this collectionplayed on neutral colors and more lively other ones. The shapes, sometimes stright and sometimes flared, emphasize softly the silhouette giving to the collection a graceful and elegant look.

The collection proposed by Albino for s/s 2013 is sober and chic with linear and clean shapes. The image that this collection gives us is of a elegant and innocent  young woman who stands out the crowd for her style, perfect in its sobriety.

In this collection the designer combines female spontaneity with a super glamour metropolitan style. The classic ginghams are proposed on pants and dresses but their are made more modern by the combination with big accessories that, beside giving an urban chic touch, so loved by fashionistas, enrich the simplest outfits.

This basic collection has a refined and sensual taste. The brand proposes us a sophisticate woman who perfectly embodies the Mademoiselle Chanel's motto "A girl should be two thing: classy and fabulous", who loves the elegance and who flaunts her charm and her confidence wearing clothes with vintage references that made her a perfect middle bewteen Marilyn's sensuality and Audrey's timeless charm.
It's cocktail time! This is the inspiration of the s/s collection by Azzaro. Dresses with simple lines that wrap softly the body, are realized using soft fabrics like silk, satin and organza and enriched by crystal inserts that give a glamour touch to the minimal style of the collection.

The collection is focused on male/female contrast and looks like a riot of shapes, lenghts and volumes. Following the theme of contrast, Nicolas Ghesquiere combines different materials and styles for a sexy, elegant and surprising result.

This collection represents an evolution of the brand's style, incorporating a mix of street art, 90's style, the atmospheres of Miami and Cuba and male look reinterpreted in a more modern chic way. Jackets with oversized shoulders, for example, are matched with embroidered leggins, just like flared skirts are matched with emroidered sweatshirts. Everything is completed by patent accessories and stiletto heels.

The s/s collection is refined and delicate like a breath, with flowing shapes ready to follow the moves of the body. Fundamental is the use of color: white and black are opposed to nude or solid shades. The result is a clothing with a geometric taste, softened by the types of materials used: silk, chiffon, jersey and organza give to it an almost hetereal look.

This collection is a tribute to femininity. A lovely floral theme dominates on gauzy skirts, cocktail dresses made more lively by delicate ruffles that emphasize the silhouette. Elegant and chic this collection is made more pretty by thw wise use of sweet pastel colors.

The union of tradition and modernity is the inspiration theme of this simple and elegant collection played on over proportions  and volumes, drawn with the compass.

Italian style and the taste are, even this time, are confirmed as winning elements in the creation of a pret-à-porter collection that casts the eye to haute couture. Delicate in the use of fabrics and shapes, the collection show off  a touch of sporty inspiration, interpreted in a more chic way, perfect for the modern It-Girls who love a simple and sophisticated fashion.

Taking a first look, is evident that the inspiration of this collection is a tribute to 80's and its icons, first of all Madonna, but also David Bowie and Boy George, reinterpreted trough the personal style of the designer that is still one of the most whimsical talents in the fashion scene.

One of the few surprises that I've seen during this PFW is the s/s collection by Jean Charles De Castelbajac, famous for his pop style, a bit eccentric, certainly not trivial. Inspired by an imaginary urban jungle we can see, in the prints, themes that look like leaves and skycrapers matched with other animalier ones. The daywear reinterpret classic pieces of sportwear in a refined key, while for night  the dress code includes cocktail dresses enriched by animalier prints. Another time the designer gave prove of the grandeur of his genius and his talent.

The collection is elegant and presents an innocent look thanks to dresses with geometric shapes, sometimes oversized, and important volumes.

Inspired by 50's this nice collection by Olympia Le-Tan, presents corset dresses and flared skirts matched with micro cardigans and college jackets. Everything is made more fresh and lively by the clear musical references.

This collection is a tribute to a distant, childish, impudent, dominatrix, subtly mean femininity, all the more seductive as unreachable. Peter Copping created for the next s/s season a collection with elements of elegant bondage that casts the eye to the typical style of the "femme parisienne".

Sportwear inspires the s/s collection by Rochas. Linear and clean shapes are valued by the use of fabrics like taffeta, silk and chiffon. Even if  thin, the shapes are interspresed by volumes that create a funny game of counterpoints. The prints present a great bloom of abstract chrysanthemums that, in the finale of the show, explode in a beautiful crimson red, giving a dramatic look to the collection.

One of the most famous brands in fashion world reinvents itself changing, as first step, its name.  For next s/s season, Saint Laurent proposes one the most classic pieces of its tradition reinterpreted in a new way. The collection also shows off rock, gipsy and 70's references.

The collection is the perfect union bewteen classicity and fetish style. The silhouette remains in the typical channels, while classic garments like suits are reinterpreted in a sexy way, in the total black version, matched with leather, patent and vinyl accessories.

The collection is a tribute to swiss alps reinterpreted in cartoon version with bright colors and floral patterns. Other main elements of the collection are: the hourglass (a bit draped) shapes, geometric lines and the movement obtained thank to floating fabrics like silk.

In the s/s season of Vanessa Bruno the bohemien style meets the classicity with 70's references: cotton and lace dresses are ankle-lenght for a perfect watermark effect. The flared skirts are matched with decorate oversized shirts. The ruffles, instead, add a girly touch to the collection, simple and natural.

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  1. I vestiti sono uno + bello dell'altro ^^

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  3. Sono state tutte bellissime! Le mie preferite in assoluto Saint Laurent e Balmain!:) Un bacio cara!:*

  4. Azzaro, Jean Paul Gaultier and Saint Laurent - <3


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