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Hello my dear readers! This month,  for the section I love shopping around the world I'll talk to you about one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the smallest and the richest of the  seven United Arab Emirates. Adjectives likes expensive, magnificient, cool, modern may not be sufficient to describe Dubai

Modern buildings, tall more than 300 metres, and artificial islands are just few of the most characteristic elements. In he midst of such great modernity, among cool boutiques, golf courses, teppanyaki restaurants, some glimpses of history are still visible in the traditional souks (markets),  in the kilometers of desert traveled by camels that live in freedom. In the whole cityyou can feel a cosmopolitan atmosphere: hordes of turists, who come from all over the world, are aproached to indian women wrapped in the classic saris and residents who wear the traditional dishdashas. Just outside the city the life is marked by slower and relaxed peace. Surrounded by a suggestive view, made by beautiful mountains and gold beaches, you will conquered by the timless and overwhelming charm of the United Arab Emirates.

Known as the "Mecca of shopping" of the Middle East, made more famous by the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends in the movie "Sex and the city 2", Dubai is for sure a great place to dedicade yourselves to shopping! With all its shopping malls and its souks, there's no better place to find the best products at competitive prices. If you're lovers of duty free, Dubai is the place for you. Whatever you're looking for, from clothes to electronics, from sports equipment to jewerly, you'll find there! Unfortunately, I've been in Dubai just for few days (believe me, I wanted to stay there forever) so I had no time to inspect the several shops. I focused myself on the big shopping malls and the amazing souks, but I have to say that I didn't mind at all. Rather, they offer so much variety of products that you have plenty of choice!

Sex and The City 2

I suggest you to start with Al-Ghurair City: this mall is perfect for those who's looking for traditional clothes of the Emirates. The several shops sell abayas and shalyas, arabic jewels and amazing carpets, including some outlet stores by Paris Galllery and Nine West. Another great place is Burjamen Center: if you can afford an expensive shopping, this is the place for you. Here , in fact, you'll find the flagship stores of Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier, Clavin Klein and Tiffany. In the Dubai Festival City, you will find, in addiction to the several hotels, restaurants and cafes,  more than 600 stores. You can't not to pay a visit to the flagship stores of Marc Jacobs and Mark & Spencer. For the biggest shopaolics, a must to see is the Emirates Tower Boulevard  next to the office of the sheikh Mohammed, you will enjoy to do shopping among the stores of Armani, Gucci and Jimmy Choo. Other great places are: Mall of Emirates, a mall that contains more than 200 stores, flagship stores and elegant boutiques of brands like Charles&Keith and little shops like Al-Jaber Gallery; Ibn Battuta Mall, the most exclusive and suggestive mall in the city. This huge mall is divided by country. There are 6 section that include countries like China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalusia. A store to not miss is Mumbai Se that sells an entire collection of indian accessories: from tunics to jewels, from shoes to handmade bags; Wafi Shopping Center: this mall is specialized in luxury brands, jewels and the coolest boutiques by Chanel and Givenchy. The architecture of the place is a true must to see. Those who will want to enjoy a little relaxation can take advantage of the luxurious spa present in the mall.

Al-Ghurair City
Wafi Shopping Center
Emirates Tower Boulevard

If your budget is contained, I suggest you to take a look to Deira City Center: here you will find the outlet stores of Debenhams, Zara, Virgin Megastore and other international brands. Plus, you will take a break, eat some typical food and watch a movie in the theaters present in there; Karama Shopping Center: this mall is an atypical souk that includes several stores that sell souvenirs, accessories and local crafts. In there you will also find great handmade clothes and bags with very affordable prices; Market Mall: in there you can find the biggest low cost brands and some trendy shops like Mango, Next, Virgin Megastore and Topshop; Souk Madinat Jumeirah: locate next to Jumeirah Road, this mall looks like a traditional souk and will conquer you, I promise!

Karama Shopping Center

Market Mall

Last but not least, another great place to visit is, for sure, the traditional souks. One of them is the Gold Souk, famous for its several shops that sell any type of jewels. There are many items to choose from: strings of pearls, diamond rings and gold bracelts. Is the biggest market of gold of the city, a true must for turists.

The Gold Souk

If you're considering the idea to take a nice vacation to Dubai, here some tips that may be helpful for you:
  • Be prepared to long and exhausting negotiations on the prices of items that you'll buy on the souks. In all the arabian world is a normal practice!
  • If you want to visit Dubai in winter season remeber that the temperatures can become extremely cold at night, so don't forget to leave equipped.
  • Although Dubai is a rather tolerant city, is advisable to wear discrete clothes when you walk through the city. Long skirts and short sleeves are required when you go away from the city, in particular during the Ramadan.
  • You also have to rember to behave appropriately: drunkenness and explicit  amorous effusions are disrespectful of Mulism culture and therefore considered illegal. There's the real danger that you may be arrested!

As always, I hope that you liked this little "guide", to be helpful. I see you next time, always with I love shopping around the world, always on Ladyfairy's closet.

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  1. SATC 2 plays in Abu Dhabi. They even say "Dubai is out". I don't agree with that though. I'd rather visit both and shop till I drop haha.

    1. I meant the Middle East... but I agree with you: both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are absolutely amazing!

  2. A me piacerebbe andarci :) Sono curiosa di vederla dal vivo :)

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  4. voto 78!

    questo si che sarebbe un viaggio da sogno!!!!
    conosco amici e parenti che ci sono stati e sono tornati folgorati da tanto splendore.......
    chissà che un giorno non abbia anche io il piacere di fare un viaggetto con le mie amiche....alla sex and city ;-)

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